Bellamy Society

Our Bellamy Society members are both leaders our in the world an on our campus. We’re thankful for your generous support that enhances the quality of our students’ education and experiential learning experiences outside of the classroom.

The Bellamy Society is named for both the building, which the college has called home since 1965, and the late Dr. Raymond F. Bellamy, who founded and headed the Sociology Department and who, during his 38-year tenure at FSU (1918-1956) taught classes in anthropology, economics, political science, and statistics.

The purpose of the Bellamy Society is to encourage alumni, parents and friends to support the college at higher levels of annual giving and to recognize such donors appropriately. Bellamy Society members can designate their gifts either college-wide or for a specific department or program within the college.
Annual membership includes donors to the college within the fiscal year (July 1- June 30). Pledge commitments must be fulfilled each year by June 30. Membership is for one year and expires each year on June 30; membership renewals begin each year on July 1.  

If you would like to join the Bellamy Society today, you can make a gift by visiting Pledge $1,000 or more to any of our funds, and automatically become a member. Or if you would prefer, you may contact our Senior Director of Development, Katherine Cline Ashler, to discuss making a gift at or by calling 850-294-3343.

*Restricted gifts made by donors to endowment funds are not included in the Bellamy Society and are listed under the appropriate gift range in the 2022-2023 donor list.

Special note: endowment, capital and deferred gifts do not qualify for Bellamy Society membership; donors of such gifts (of cumulative lifetime giving of $10,000 or more) are recognized through the FSU President’s Club.

Gold Level ($5,000+)

  • American Political Science Association
  • David L. and Rebecca T. Bibb
  • James S. and Loretta P. Bowman
  • Stephen P. Brunetti and Kimberly Ann Brunetti
  • The Brunetti Foundation, Inc.
  • Steven M. and Amy K. Clein
  • Marshall S. Cohn
  • The Sol Cohn Foundation
  • Donors Trust, Inc.
  • Eric M. and Miranda J. Gaier
  • Earl R. and Joyce A. Godwin
  • Charles T. and Sylvia E. Haworth
  • Carolyn D. Herrington and Robert B. Bradley
  • Institute For Humane Studies
  • LeRoy J. and Jacquelyn P. Jacoby
  • Robert D. and Ashley F. Johnson
  • The Kaul Foundation
  • Lynda Keever and Bill Eshenbaugh
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Stephen R. MacNamara and Liberty E. Taylor
  • Bruce W. and Melanie A. McNeilage
  • Charles B. Nam
  • Bobby J. and Alicia M. Pittman
  • Rapoport Family Foundation
  • David W. Rasmussen and Joanne Oliveri-Rasmussen
  • Reason Foundation
  • Julia B. Smith
  • Gus A. Stavros
  • W. Edward and Teresa M. Sutton
  • James B. Taylor
  • Marjorie R. Turnbull

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Garnet Level ($2,500-$4,999)

  • Florence H. Ashby
  • Joseph P. Calhoun
  • Capital Health Plan
  • Community Care Plan
  • Lynwood Cumbie
  • David L. and Kara Fentress
  • Florida Policy Institute
  • Thomas M. Henderson
  • Vincent S. and Julann E. Long
  • Lee K. Metcalf
  • Michael G. Stephens and Collen R. Reedy
  • Joseph B. and Heather M. Storey

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Bellamy Level ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Les and Ruth Akers
  • Ripple J. and John P. Alkire
  • Perry E. and Teresa K. Anthony
  • Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.
  • Adam E. and Bethany Babington
  • B. Dan Berger and Aimee E. Berger
  • Wiatt F. Bowers
  • Gregory S. and Stephanie W. Burge
  • Christine Lung Caslow and William Caslow
  • Julian S. P. Clayton
  • Jesse M. and Gloria P. Colvin
  • Paul D. Cook
  • DSR Consulting & Management, LLC
  • Scott B. and Pamela J. Feldman
  • Ruth Godfrey-Sigler
  • Doris R. Henderson
  • Rodney E. and Kathryn S. Hero
  • Robert A. and Dawn G. Hummer
  • Christopher E. Iansiti and Michael A. Fornaro
  • Ethan Johnson
  • Nancy D. Joyner
  • Michael J. Kelley
  • Jane S. Love
  • Iris Matos and James Wallace
  • Eugene F. Moran and Julia M. Moran
  • Alejandro Munoz
  • Michael and Nancy O’Farrell
  • Nigel O. Parkinson
  • Parkinson Construction Co., Inc.
  • Darryl and Marilyn S. Paulson
  • Jill S. and David M. Quadagno
  • Catherine S. Santamaria
  • Edward A. Schafer and Chung Chih-Fang
  • Simply Healthcare Plan
  • James P. Sweeney
  • Christopher L. and Kimberli O. Willis
  • John R. Taylor and Cynthia Tie
  • Miles Taylor
  • Marvin Thurston
  • William G. and Carol S. Weissert
  • Russell L. and Kay Williams
  • Roger H. Wilson
  • Susan A. and Jay Yelton

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