Bellamy Society

Our Bellamy Society members are both leaders our in the world an on our campus. We’re thankful for your generous support that enhances the quality of our students’ education and experiential learning experiences outside of the classroom.

The Bellamy Society is named for both the building, which the college has called home since 1965, and the late Dr. Raymond F. Bellamy, who founded and headed the Sociology Department and who, during his 38-year tenure at FSU (1918-1956) taught classes in anthropology, economics, political science, and statistics.

The purpose of the Bellamy Society is to encourage alumni, parents and friends to support the college at higher levels of annual giving and to recognize such donors appropriately. Bellamy Society members can designate their gifts either college-wide or for a specific department or program within the college.
Annual membership includes donors to the college within the fiscal year (July 1- June 30). Pledge commitments must be fulfilled each year by June 30. Membership is for one year and expires each year on June 30; membership renewals begin each year on July 1.  

If you would like to join the Bellamy Society today, you can make a gift by visiting Pledge $1,000 or more to any of our funds, and automatically become a member. Or if you would prefer, you may contact our Alumni Engagement Coordinator Elizabeth Jones at

*Restricted gifts made by donors to endowment funds are not included in the Bellamy Society and are listed under the appropriate gift range in the 2021-2022 donor list.

Special note: endowment, capital and deferred gifts do not qualify for Bellamy Society membership; donors of such gifts (of cumulative lifetime giving of $10,000 or more) are recognized through the FSU President’s Club.

Gold Level ($5,000+)

Apgar Foundation, Inc.
Florence H. Ashby
Mark P. and Marianne E. Barnebey
David L. and Rebecca T. Bibb
Stephen T. and Yvonne T. Brown
The Brunetti Foundation
Kimberly B. and Mark C. Campbell
Ruth B. and Walter E. Cates
Steven M. and Amy K. Clein
Marshall S. Cohn
The Sol Cohn Foundation
C. Raymond Cottrell
FSU Line Dance
Eric M. and Miranda J. Gaier
Joyce A. and Earl R. Godwin
Timothy S. Gunning
Travis A. Hadwin
Charles T. and Sylvia E. Haworth
LeRoy J. and Jacquelyn P. Jacoby
The Kaul Foundation
Lynda Keever and William Eshenbaugh
Charles Koch Foundation
Daniel and Stacey M. Lansman
Rosemary M. Magee
Mercatus Center at George Mason University
Christian J. and Betsy A. Miller
Moore Charitable Foundation
Charles B. Nam
Reason Foundation
Angela M. and Michael J. Santone
Jason D. and Lauren M. Sato
R. Kent and Lynn M. Shoemaker
Julia B. Smith
Gus A. Stavros
Joseph B. and Heather M. Storey
W. Edward and Teresa M. Sutton
Taylor-Blackburn Family Fund
Stephen R. MacNamara and Liberty E. Taylor
Marjorie R. Turnbull

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Garnet Level ($2,500-$4,999)

David L. and Kara Fentress
Serena B. and David A. Finn
Ruth W. Godfrey-Sigler
Haworth Foundation, Inc.
Ethan Johnson
Christi A. and Jeff Lawson
Parkinson Construction Co., Inc.
Nigel O. Parkinson
George S. and Clyda S. Rent
Michael G. Stephens

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Bellamy Level ($1,000-$2,499)

Les and Ruth Akers
James H. and Ruth A. Alexander
Ripple J. and John P. Alkire
Perry E. and Teresa K. Anthony
J. Keith and Maureen D. Arnold
Adam E. and Bethany Babington
James S. Bartholomew
B. Dan and Aimee E. Berger
William D. and Frances S. Berry
Wiatt F. Bowers
James R. Brooks
Gregory S. and Stephanie W. Burge
Joseph P. Calhoun
Christopher J. and Renee’ N. Canazaro
Christine Lung Caslow and William Caslow
Julian S. P. Clayton
William E. and Barbara S. Coen
Jesse M. and Gloria P. Colvin
Paul D. Cook
Nicole D. and Frank Coto
Thomas M. and M. Eileen Culligan
Anthony E. DeNapoli
Scott B. and Pamela J. Feldman
Gary M. and Ellen F. R. Fournier
Sean T. and Jennifer L. Garner
Jo Ann M. Gooding
Frank A. and Chris C. Hall
Tom Haney and Wendy Walker
William E. and Cynthia C. Harris
Kenneth R. Hart
Andrew J. Helfan
Thomas M. Henderson
Rodney E. and Kathryn S. Hero
Mark and Nan Casper Hillis
Darrin K. and Sabrina M. Holloman
Robert A. and Dawn G. Hummer
Christopher E. Iansiti and Michael A. Fornaro
Michael J. Kelley
Raymond G. and Patrice E. Kerr
Sandra R. and William B. Longworth
Jane S. Love
Michelle M. Mattox
Nancy and Richard D. McKay
Eugene F. and Julia M. Moran
Deborah A. and Allen Mosler
Bennett E. Napier
Jonathan Novak
Michael J. and Nancy N. O’Farrell
James D. Orcutt and Annette M. Schwabe
Irene Padavic
Darryl and Marilyn S. Paulson
David A. Picard
Mary Anne Price
Jill S. and David M. Quadagno
Robert E. and Lenore M. Rice
Kyle and Becky Riva
Catherine S. Santamaria
Caroline L. and Douglas L. Smith
William G. and Paula P. Smith
Gary A. and Barbara A. Stilwell
Jeffrey A. and Agnes F. Stoops
James P. Sweeney
John R. Taylor and Cynthia Tie
Miles Taylor
Tiffany M. Taylor
Marvin Thurston
George L. and Harriet I. Waas
William G. and Carol S. Weissert
Michael L. Williams

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