Updates and Reminders | November 1

Good morning students,

Today marks the start of the 11th week of classes. This comes with four important reminders and updates. Please review the information carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Today’s email includes information about:

  1. 12th week deadline and late drops
  2. Registering and advising for Spring 2022 classes
  3. Late apply for Fall 2021 graduation
  4. Declaring a minor or concentration for a COSSPP major

Advising tip of the week: Need contact information for a professor or instructor? Search for their information in the FSU faculty and staff online directory.

12th week deadline and late drops

Friday, November 12, is the twelfth-week deadline – the last day to submit one-time late drop requests. Late drop requests submitted after November 12 will not be approved.

To petition for a late drop, you must:

  1. Generate a drop form through Student Central (do not sign the drop form yourself)
  2. Complete and sign the COSSPP late drop acknowledgement form
  3. Email BOTH forms to coss-academic-dean@fsu.edu

Lower-division students (pre- and NFA-) must contact the Division of Undergraduate Studies at undergradstudies@fsu.edu after generating a drop form.

From the University bulletin, the policy on one-time late drops between the ends of the 7th and 12th weeks is: “A student may only drop one course after earning sixty hours of college credit and until graduation; tuition charges remain.” If you have previously used your one-time upper-division late drop, any request for an additional drop will be denied.

Registering and advising for Spring 2022 classes

The final scheduled registration window (for students with 0-14 earned hours) opens today. Open registration begins tomorrow, November 2.

Students should register for classes using previous advising reports saved in Campus Connect or by checking their ARR prior to meeting with an advisor.

To speak with an academic advisor, schedule an appointments or sign in for a virtual drop-in through Campus Connect. Available sign-in times are listed at the top of the how-to guide. 

Note that it is a very busy time of the semester – most appointment slots fill up to the three weeks in advance maximum that the system allows. Drop-in availability each day often exceeds advisor capacity within minutes of opening and has an extended wait time.

Signing in for advising is not possible outside of the listed times – the drop-in button will not appear in the system to join the first available queue if it is outside those hours. When a student signs in, they are placed in a virtual queue that advisors work through on a first-come, first served basis. As a student is reached by an advisor, they are sent a link via text and FSU email to join a Zoom call with the advisor. 

Late apply for Fall 2021 graduation

To late apply for Fall 2021 graduation, you must have met with a COSSPP academic advisor this semester and completed an updated academic progress check to verify you are on track to graduate.

Submit and updated progress check and a completed late add to graduation information form to coss-academic-dean@fsu.edu.

  1. You will not be added to the graduation list unless you are currently on track to complete all requirements with your current enrollment and already posted credit.
  2. Participation in a commencement ceremony is not the same as graduating. Once grades post to student accounts on December 15, the Academic Affairs office will begin final graduation clearances. Students who do not achieve required or satisfactory grades to complete their degree requirements will be notified by email. Degrees will post to transcripts on January 6.
  3. Additional information – including important dates and cap and gown details – can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Declaring a minor or concentration for a COSSPP major

Students must be certified into their major (not pre- or NFA-) before they can have a minor or concentration officially applied to their account. Typical requirements to be certified include having completed at least 52 hours of credit including both English and math requirements, in addition to any other major-specific requirements.

  1. Link: http://bit.ly/COSSminors
  2. Please allow up to a week for processing of your minor or concentration declarations. If you have questions about your declaration, please email the COSSPP Mapping Coordinator at: COSS-Admissions-Mapping@fsu.edu.