Transient Coursework

Transient Coursework Approval 

Transient applications for courses in which the student is currently enrolled or enrolled for in a future term at FSU may be approved or denied at the discretion of the Academic Affairs office. Transient requests submitted after the University published deadline in the Academic Calendar for each semester may not be approved at the discretion of the Academic Affairs office.  

Transient Coursework Requirements and Policies 

  1. Applications submitted after the University transient application deadline are not guaranteed approval.  
  2. FSU requires that students complete their last 30 hours of coursework in residence (taken through FSU). Transient applications by students who have completed 90 or more hours are therefore subject to additional considerations for approval as taking coursework outside FSU at that point may result in the student being required to complete an 30 hours of FSU credit after completing the transient coursework in order to meet degree requirements.  
  3. The Academic Affairs office may waive up to (but no more than) 6 hours of the 30 hours residency requirement and may approve up to this amount of transient coursework after a student has completed 90 hours. If a student completes more than 6 hours out of residence, the University will require them to complete an additional 30 hours of credit at FSU. 
  4. Transient applications will not be approved by the COSSPP Academic Affairs office after a student has completed 90 hours if doing so would result in duplicate coursework for which the student would earn 0 additional hours towards graduation. 
    Example: If you have taken and passed a course with a D- or better grade, COSSPP Academic Affairs office will deny a transient request as you have already earned credit for the course.  
  5. Transient applications will not be approved by the COSSPP Academic Affairs office at any level when the course is not required for a student’s major if the transient coursework would result in duplicate credit which would cause the student to lose overall hours towards graduation.
    Example: If you have previously taken a combined section course for 4 or more hours and apply to take the same course code for 3 or less hours, duplication would result in a potential loss of overall hours.
  6. Pending transient applications may be denied at the discretion of the COSSPP Academic Affairs office if a student submits an application and then subsequently registers for the course at FSU.
  7. Students will receive an automated email throughout the approval process of the online transient application process. 
  8.  Transient courses taken at a local state or community college do not satisfy the 9-hour summer residency requirement. Courses taken at an SUS institution will satisfy the 9-hour summer residency requirement. 

Transient Process Checklist 

Transient Application Process – taking classes at another institution: To take a course at a public Florida institution 

  • Must have a 2.0 FSU GPA. 
  • Complete the online form through the FloridaShines website.  
  • If you are a lower-division student (pre-/NFA-), you must select “1,2-Freshman or Sophomore” as your college or school when beginning the application. 
  • If are an upper-division student with a primary major outside of COSSPP, you must select that School’s or College’s “3,4-Junior or Senior” option when beginning the application. 

Transient Application Process – taking classes at another institution: To take a course at a private or non-Florida institution 

After you have completed course(s) at another institution: 

  • It is the student’s responsibility to send back a final official transcript to FSU Office of Admissions electronically to or by mail to Florida State University Office of Admissions, A2500 University Center, 282 Champions Way, Tallahassee FL 32306-2400 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the coursework has been posted to their academic records. To verify this information, please contact