Major Changes

Students who wish to change to or add a major in the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy must first meet with a COSSPP academic advisor. Students looking to add or change to a major outside of COSSPP will need to meet with an advisor for that major.

Requirements for changing to a COSSPP major

Students must have at least a 2.0 FSU GPA to change into any COSSPP major except Economics, which requires a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Students must be on track for mapping with the major they are changing to at the point of the major change. Students who are not on track for mapping will not have their major changed.

Adding a second major in COSSPP

Students must first be certified upper-division (not listed as a pre- or NFA- major) in their primary major before a second major can be added. Students must be on track for mapping in their primary major and within one term of mapping requirements for their second major at the point of completing the major addition.

For students with a primary major in COSSPP: To be certified upper-division, all majors in COSSPP require at minimum 52 hours earned credit with a minimum FSU GPA of 2.00 and most of the General Education requirements met, including freshman English composition and mathematics, or an AA degree.

For students with a primary major in another college: refer to that Academic Dean’s office for certification information.

Please note that only a student’s primary major is listed on their FSU diploma.

Adding a major after earning 90 credit hours

Students wishing to add a second major or dual degree who have completed 90 or more hours of credit must receive updated progress checks from advisors for both majors prior to receiving approval from the Academic Dean’s office. If one of the two majors/degrees is located outside of COSSPP, both Academic Deans’ offices must grant approval for the change.

Adding majors or degrees once a student has earned 90 or more hours is approved or not at the discretion of the Academic Dean’s office, which generally requires that adding the additional plan will not:
– require earning more than 160 hours of credit total
– extend a student’s graduation beyond four years of enrollment
– place the student into excess credit.

Students with multiple majors or degree plans may be required by the University and/or the Dean’s office to complete a graduation plan with the Graduation & Planning Strategies Office.