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Appointments & Virtual Drop-ins

Spring 2021 COSSPP Advising Sign-in Hours
Monday, Friday | 8:30-11:30 & 1:00-2:30
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 8:30-11:30 & 1:00-3:30

1. Log in to Campus Connect

There are three ways to access Campus Connect:

2. Click to either review previous appointments or schedule a new one

If you want to review previous appointment reports or progress checks, click on the Reports tab (in the green box below)

If you want to schedule an appointment or sign in for drop-in advising, click on the Schedule Advising button (in the red box below). Continue following instructions below.

3. Select the advising service that you need

For “Type of Appointment” select “Advising”

For “Kind of Advising” select whether you need advising for your current major in COSSPP or information about a new major/to change to a COSSPP major

If you are a current COSSPP student, select “College of Social Sciences Advising” and the appropriate service needed.

If you are not a current COSSPP student and looking for information about or to change to one of our majors, select “Learn about or change to another Major” and then scroll to select the appropriate major from the list.

4. Select the location and the staff member

Location will always be set to “College of Social Sciences Advising”. We recommend leaving the default “Any Staff” option to allow yourself a wider variety of available appointment times, though you can select a specific advisor if you have a preference. All COSSPP advisors advise for any of our majors.

5. Select the day and time of an appointment or view drop-in times

Scheduled appointment days and times appear at the top of the screen. Available appointment slots are displayed in blue. If time period boxes are grey, it means that all appointment slots are full during that time.
Please note: Appointments and drop-ins are typically available on Mon-Thurs with Fridays most often being reserved for drop-ins only.

Drop-in advising hours and availability can be viewed by clicking the “View Drop-in Times” button in the yellow bar.

If you are signing in for drop-in advising, be sure to click the “Drop-In Online” button. Drop-ins are seen by the first available advisor as they work through the virtual queue.

6. If scheduling an appointment, provide details and click “Confirm Appointment”

After you select an appointment time, the appointment information screen will review information about which staff member you are scheduling to meet, the day/time, and appointment location information (Zoom link if a virtual appointment).

Make sure to leave comments explaining why you are scheduling the appointment. This helps the advisor prepare in order to make sure your appointment effectively and efficiently addresses your questions in the allotted time. You will also receive an email and/or text reminder about your appointment based on your selection choices.

7. Confirm that your appointment or drop-in is scheduled when you see the “Success!” screen

If you scheduled an appointment, you will receive an automated confirmation and an automated reminder on the morning of the appointment.

If you signed in for a drop-in, you are in the virtual queue. Pay attention because when it is time for your appointment, you will receive a text and/or email to join the advisor’s Zoom call.