Appointments & Virtual Drop-ins

Summer A (May 20-June 21) 2024 Advising Hours

Monday, Friday | 9:00-12:00 & 1:30-3:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 9:00-12:00 & 1:30-4:00
Morning availability may be limited May 20 – June 21 due to new student orientation.

Scheduling appointments is completed through Campus Connect. Appointments may be scheduled as in person or virtual, Monday-Thursday.
Drop-in advising is completed virtually through our moderated Zoom call (see below). Drop-ins are available virtually, Monday-Friday, on a first-come basis based on the time a student joins the Zoom waiting room.

Campus Connect sends emails and reminders about scheduled appointments, and depending on circumstances (e.g. needing academic recovery advising) or where they are in their academic career (e.g. first semester New Nole advising), students may also receive invitations to schedule specific types of meetings.

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Questions about the following? Review the linked external page or FAQ and then follow up as directed.

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1. How to access Campus Connect

There are three ways to access Campus Connect:

  1. Go directly to and log in with your FSU ID
  2. Log in to and click on the Campus Connect  icon
  3. Open the myFSU app on your phone and click on the Campus Connect icon

2. How to review previous advising reports

After logging in to Campus Connect, click on the “Reports” tab under the Student Home title.

  1. Previous advising reports are listed under “Appointment Summaries.”
  2. PDF advising progress checks attached to each report are listed under “Attachments.”

3. How to schedule an appointment

Note: Appointments are typically scheduled for Monday-Thursday and availability will display for up to three weeks in advance. Appointment availability may be limited or fully booked during peak advising periods.

  1. Click the “Schedule Advising or Tutoring or Study Room” button on the main page of Campus Connect.
  2. On the New Appointment screen, select “Advising” for type of appointment.
    Current COSSPP Students: under service, select “COSSPP Advising for Major” if you are coming in for an updated progress check. Select one of the other “COSS:” services if you are coming in for a specific reason such as Degree in Three or Pre-Law advising.
    Non-COSSPP Students: Scroll down the drop-down menu under “Learn about or change to another Major/Minor” and select the COSSPP program that you wish to speak with an advisor about.
  3. On the availabilities screen, select a date/time that works best for your schedule. If you do not see a time that works for you or if you would prefer to sign in for a first available drop-in meeting, click “View drop-in times.”
    The default view will place you with the first available advisor across all possible available time slots. If you would like to meet with a specific advisor, select “View individual availabilities” – note that students are able to speak with any COSSPP advisor and are not limited to or assigned one specific advisor.
  4. On the Review Appointment Details and Confirm screen, select whether you would like to meet virtually (via Zoom) or in person (in the Bellamy Building). Include comments explaining in more detail to help your advisor prepare for your meeting and a phone number for text reminders.
  5. Confirm your appointment with the Appointment Scheduled screen.

4. How to sign in for virtual drop-ins

Note: Virtual drop-ins are available Monday-Friday on a first come basis. Students are seen in the order that they signed in as an advisor becomes available. There may be extended wait times or the sign in queue may exceed advisor capacity during peak advising periods.

For the Summer 2024 semester, all virtual drop-ins will be conducted via moderated Zoom call.

  1. Link:
  2. Students may sign in to speak with an advisor during the hours listed above.
  3. Students must be signed into Zoom through their FSU account to access the call. See the authentication section below if having issues with logging in.
  4. Wait times before being admitted to the main Zoom call are dependent on how many students are signed in / in line.

Authentication issues logging into Zoom?

You must be logged into Zoom through your FSU account. If you are receiving an error message that says only authenticated users can log in, follow these steps:

  • Log out of the Zoom app if you are currently signed in.
  • Reopen Zoom. On the sign-in screen, click “SSO” under the additional sign in options (below the email and password boxes and sign-in button).
  • Enter “fsu” in the “Enter you company domain” box and click continue.
  • The FSU CAS login page should appear in a browser window. Login in normal with your FSUID and password.
  • Once complete, Zoom should relaunch, signed in through FSU. Reopen the Zoom advising call.