Undergraduate Advising Pro Tips

Check out the College’s Top 5 Advising Pro Tips for Undergraduate Students.

Best Times to Get Academic Advising

Want to beat advising wait lines for registration advising or drop/add? Plan ahead for future semesters early in this semester.

The second to fifth weeks of a semester tend to have lower advising volume and shorter drop-in wait times. Get an updated progress check and then simply register for classes for the next semester based on that information.

Register and Secure Your Seats ASAP

Secure your seats for next semester as soon as possible. If you have not spoken with an advisor this semester but are able to register, check you Academic Requirements Report or previous advising notes in Campus Connect and register ASAP. You can always adjust your schedule later after speaking with an advisor.

Remember: Drop/Add is not an initial registration period – it is a time for schedule adjustment. Make sure to secure your seats during open registration and then use drop/add to adjust your schedule based on previous semester grades. Don’t wait!

Drop/Add Registration Errors

Many students try to register or change courses as soon as drop/add begins and on the first day of classes. Student Center often experiences slow loading and registration errors at peak times.

This is especially common on the first day of drop/add when registration opens at 12:01 am through 2:00 am or later and on the first day of classes from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm or later.

Commencement vs. Graduation

Remember that participation in Commencement ceremonies at the end of the semester is not the same as graduating. Final graduation clearances happen after grades post the week following the end of the semester.

Be sure to verify that you are on track to graduate in the semester that you apply, and remember to continue checking your FSU email after Commencement in case the Academic Affairs office has to notify you of a graduation issue.

Contacting Instructors and Departments

Need contact information for a faculty or staff member at FSU? Search for their information in the FSU faculty and staff online directory.