Undergraduate Majors and Advising

Academic Advising

Details about drop/add week advising can be found on the separate drop/add advising information page.

All undergraduate academic advising in the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy is provided through the Office of Academic Affairs.

Access academic advising services through Campus Connect. For assistance, review our detailed instructions for scheduling an appointment or signing in for a virtual drop-in.

Advising appointments (Monday-Thursday) and virtual drop-ins (Monday-Friday) are available (Eastern time) each morning from 8:30-11:30 am and each afternoon from either 1:00-2:30 pm (MF) and 1:00-3:30 pm (TWR).

  • Scheduled appointments are available in person in BEL 101, 105, 106 depending on advisor office location or virtually through Zoom
  • Virtual drop-ins are available through moderated Zoom.

Undergraduate Majors

The College of Social Sciences & Public Policy offers twelve undergraduate majors to students at Florida State. You can review detailed program information from the University’s Academic Program Guide as well as a brief one-page PDF flyer describing major requirements.

Each of these programs – through their unique curricula and program structures – allow students to explore subject matter of interest to them, tailoring much of their studies to match their specific interests in the field.

Additionally, all of these majors embrace an interdisciplinary approach to study through either incorporating multiple academic disciplines into the structure of the major or requiring that students complete a separate minor or second major.

Additional Questions and Information

For general questions and information, email the COSSPP Academic Advising office at coss-advising@fsu.edu. You can also find individual advisor contact information on the Contact Us page or across our staff profiles.

Departmental and Program Contacts

To view contact information for departmental and program contacts including faculty program directors, internship coordinators, and undergraduate academic program coordinators, visit the FSU Advisor Search page.