Submitting a Summer Residency Requirement waiver petition

This email was originally sent on January 24, 2024, to upper-division students with a primary major in COSSPP who had an active Summer Residency Requirement to-do item on their Student Center account.

What is the Summer Residency Requirement?

The State of Florida requires students to complete at least 9 summer hours at a State University System institution as part of their graduation requirements.

This requirement applies to all students who start at a university in the State of Florida, Division of Colleges and Universities, with fewer than sixty hours of credit since Fall 1976.

Courses taken at a state college or community college in Florida or at any private or out of state institution do not apply to this requirement.

The Summer Waiver to-do item on your account.

After earning 79+ hours, a Summer Residency Waiver to-do item appears on your account. Complete and submit the waiver for review. If approved by your college dean’s office and the Office of Faculty Development & Advancement, the requirement will be waived.

You must either complete summer hours or be approved for a summer waiver, or you will be unable to earn a degree.

Even if you plan to take summer classes in the future, please complete the waiver indicating why the requirement has not been met to this point.

How to submit the waiver petition.

Summer plans may change, and if you ultimately do not take summer classes, we do not want this to impact your graduation.

Even if you are planning at this time to take summer classes in the future, do not include this in your petition – it will be denied if you do.

Log in to Student Center through myFSU. Go to My Tasks – the Summer Requirement Waiver will appear as a to-do item.

Acceptable justifications may be statements as simple as:

  • I work during the summer to save money to cover tuition and cannot afford summer classes.
  • I will be spending the summer as a primary caregiver for _____.
  • I will be working an internship at _____.
  • I am conducting undergraduate research at _____.
  • I am participating in a non-FSU study abroad program during the Summer.
  • I will be participating in _____ training.
    • Examples: ROTC, military, other professional