William Hogan


William has served as the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs since January 2019 after having previously been an academic advisor for the Political Science and International Affairs majors. As Assistant Director he manages undergraduate academic student services from the point of new student orientation through final graduation clearance. He also previously worked at FSU in the Student Athlete Academic Services office as an academic tutor for a variety of social sciences and humanities courses. Before moving to Tallahassee, William taught high school social studies in his home state of Louisiana for four years.

William’s research focuses on youth populations and currently studies the impact of civic education curricula on public engagement and civic identity in Louisiana. He primarily engages in qualitative research at the crossroads of political geography and secondary education curriculum and instruction with a broad regional focus in the rural US South. He has previously examined the impact of primary language of instruction on identity development in Euskadi (Basque Country, Spain) and maintains a strong interest in policies surrounding minority, regional, and indigenous language instruction.

When not in the Academic Affairs office, William can be found perfecting the art of the selfie while wandering through Tallahassee’s wooded areas, tending to potted plants and building furniture on his patio, or extolling at great length the virtues of European travel destinations and Louisiana culture.

Favorite quotes:
“There seems to be a common thread in people who get eaten by bears – they start to think of them as friends, and then they get eaten. I, for one, will avoid making friends with any bears in my neighborhood.” – V.J. Hogan
“If my brother wishes to take a castle, then I wish to take a castle.” – from The Walking Drum by Louis L’Amour


PhD (in progress) Curriculum and Instruction Florida State University
MAT (2016) Secondary Education Northwestern State University of Louisiana
MA (2013) Geography University of South Carolina
BA (2011) Political Science University of Arkansas

William Hogan

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs

Pronouns: he/him

Specialization: Undergraduate Programs

BEL 101