Spring 2024 Registration Reminders

The first Spring 2024 registration windows open on Monday, October 9. Students pursuing a primary or secondary major in the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy should review the few updates and reminders below related to advising and course registration.

Students can review the date their registration window opens at 8:00 am on the FSU academic calendar.

Please note that advising priority in our office through October 25 is given to students whose registration window opens prior to October 30.

Drop-in advising availability in the month of October is limited.

Due to the number of students attempting to meet with an advisor and multiple open advising positions in our office, there is limited drop-in capacity during the month of October.

  1. All drop-in advising requires signing in through Campus Connect and is conducted virtually through Zoom.
  2. After signing in for a drop-in, you are placed in the waiting queue and are seen in the order you sign in. You will be notified to join an advisor’s Zoom call via text and email.
  3. Wait times to speak with an advisor tend to be lengthy before you are notified one is ready, and if capacity is exceeded, you will be checked out of the line and receive notification of this via text.
  4. Advising for the month of October is focused on Spring 2024 course registration. Based on student volume on a given day, advisors may require you schedule a separate appointment if you wish to develop or complete long-term programs of study (e.g., Degree in Three, dual degree petitions, etc.).

Advising reminders for course registration.

Do not wait to speak with an advisor if you can already register for classes.

  1. Build a schedule, register, and secure your seats as soon as possible. You can always adjust your schedule as needed afterward.
  2. You do not have to have a complete schedule to register for classes – register for even one class if you know that it is required or a milestone for you in the next term.

Use online advising tools to help build your schedule if you have not yet spoken with an advisor.

  1. Check previous advising appointment notes in Campus Connect by clicking on the “Reports” tab under the Student Home title.
  2. Access the Academic Requirements Report to build a preliminary schedule. While the ARR does not read all major requirements correctly and remaining requirements should always be confirmed with an academic advisor, it will give you a starting point for reference and good guidance for remaining General Education and Liberal Studies requirements.

Follow best practices for emailing advisors during the start of registration.

  1. Allow 2-3 business days for an email response from an advisor. If you send an email on a Thursday or Friday, do not send a follow-up message over the weekend as advisors do not check email outside of work hours.
  2. Do not email multiple advisors the same request as it can slow down response time.
  3. The best way to ensure a timely response is to email coss-advising@fsu.edu.

Reminders for students graduating during the 2023-24 academic year.

If you applied to graduate in the Fall 2023 semester, you cannot register for Spring 2024 classes.

  1. Registration for future undergraduate coursework will prevent your degree from being approved or posted at the end of the Fall 2023 semester.
  2. If you cannot graduate in Fall 2023 or otherwise plan to move your graduation date forward to Spring 2024, email cosspp-graduation@fsu.edu to have your application moved forward. You will then be able to register for Spring 2024 classes.

If you plan to graduate in Spring 2024 and your primary major is in our college, verify your remaining requirements with a College of Social Sciences & Public Policy academic advisor.

  1. Advisors or program specialists in other departments or offices are not responsible for verifying your graduation requirements and can only confirm major or minor requirements for their own program.
  2. If your primary major is in another college, you must confirm graduation requirements with that program. COSSPP academic advisors will only confirm requirements for your second major.