Spring 2023 7th Week Deadline

Spring 2023 7th Week Deadline
Today, February 24, 11:59 pm EST

Course drops: receiving an error message is not a valid reason for missing the drop deadline – carefully follow all instructions prior to the deadline.
 S/U requests: any request submitted after the deadline will be denied.

Seventh Week Deadline

The end of the seventh week of classes is the deadline for:

  1. Requesting S/U grading or to change S/U option back to regular grade
  2. Dropping a class without Dean’s permission
  3. Dropping a class without receiving a grade (including W/WD) on transcript
  4. Withdrawing from the semester without receiving a grade (including W/WD) on transcript
  5. Financial Aid deferments expire.
  6. Final payment for installment contracts due

Summer and Fall Registration

Summer and Fall 2023 registration guides are released and course listings are available in Class Search on Monday, February 27.

  1. Registration for Summer and Fall will begin on March 6, based on a student’s earned hours, not including current enrollment.
  2. Semester available course lists for Summer and Fall for those majors with approved lists will be posted to the Academic Affairs’ suggested course lists page