S/U Grading and pre-7th Week Course Drops

This message was originally sent to upper-division students with a primary major in COSSPP on February 9, 2024.

Seventh Week Deadline: February 23

The end of the seventh week of classes is the deadline for:

  1. Requesting S/U grading or to change S/U option back to regular grade
  2. Dropping a class without permission from the Dean’s office
  3. Dropping a class without receiving a grade (including W/WD) on transcript
  4. Withdrawing from the semester without receiving a grade (including W/WD) on transcript
  5. Financial Aid deferments expire
  6. Final payment for installment contracts due

Requesting S/U Grading

S/U grading allows you to take elective coursework normally receiving a letter grade on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis (sometimes understood as “pass/fail”).

Unless otherwise noted individually, the Office of Academic Affairs will only accept S/U petitions submitted through Student Center.

  1. Except in a student’s first semester at FSU, a 2.5 minimum FSU GPA is required to request S/U grading.
  2. Courses taken S/U count towards total earned and upper-level hours (if applicable) needed for graduation but do not count towards a student’s GPA (FSU or cumulative).
  3. S/U graded courses cannot count towards completing major, minor, General Education, or Liberal Studies graduation requirements.
    • Courses taken to complete language competency requirements may be taken on an S/U basis.
  4. Students who have earned 90 or more credit hours may have an S/U request for any course counting towards any major, minor, or other graduation requirement denied at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs. Requests outside this policy must be submitted to coss-academic-dean@fsu.edu.

All S/U petitions are final after February 23. ​Requests to change an S/U course back to letter-graded will not be approved after the deadline, no matter if a student wishes to receive a higher letter-grade otherwise earned.

Dropping Classes pre-7th Week

Before the end of the seventh week of classes, you may drop classes* from your schedule without any additional permission needed.

  1. Removing all classes from your schedule constitutes withdrawing from the university for the semester. For this process, contact the Office of Withdrawal Services.
  2. Classes dropped prior to the Seventh Week Deadline do not appear on students’ transcripts.
  3. You are still fee liable (must pay for/will not receive a tuition refund) for any classes dropped through this process. Contact Student Business Services or Financial Aid to review any financial implications prior to dropping any class.
  4. To petition for course drops through the medical/mental health or personal hardship drop processes, submit an application through our online petition form.

All drop decisions are final. Once you drop a class from your schedule, it will not be re-added.

*Any number of classes up to one remaining, but you may not drop all classes without submitting for a semester withdrawal.