Planning to take a course S/U this semester?

Are you considering taking a course on an S/U basis this semester? If so, carefully read carefully below – the seventh week deadline is Friday, February 24.

What is S/U grading?

S/U grading allows students to take elective coursework normally receiving a letter grade on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis (sometimes understood as “pass/fail”). This is reflected with grades of “S” or “U” on the student’s transcript.

Courses taken S/U will count towards total earned and upper-level hours (if applicable) needed for graduation but will not count towards a student’s GPA (FSU or cumulative).

Only elective1 coursework not needed to complete major, minor, or Liberal Studies requirements can be taken on an S/U basis.

1 No courses taught by the College of Business may be taken S/U.

Requirements for S/U grading

Except in a student’s first semester at FSU, a 2.5 minimum FSU GPA is required for S/U grading.

Students may choose one2 elective course a semester to take S/U, not exceeding 18 total S/U graded hours as an undergraduate student. Courses regularly taught on an S/U basis do not count towards this limit.

Requirements set by the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

Courses used to complete the language competency requirement for majors in Asian Studies, International Affairs, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and Russian & East European Studies may be completed on an S/U basis as they do not count towards total hours in the major.

Students who have earned or 90 hours have additional limitations on approval. An S/U petition for courses used to complete any major, required minor, or Liberal Studies requirement at the time the request is made will be denied. Requests outside this policy must be submitted on a course-by-course basis to to be reviewed and approved or denied at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs.

2 Students taking a physical education activity course may take one elective course on an S/U basis concurrently with the physical education course on an S/U basis.

How to request an S/U grading basis

S/U grade requests are submitted through Student Center as outlined in the Registrar’s Office how guide.

Unless otherwise noted individually, the Office of Academic Affairs will not accept paper or PDF request forms. All S/U petitions must be submitted as noted above through Student Center.

Deadlines for S/U grading

The deadline to request S/U grading is always the end of the seventh week of classes in a semester – in Spring 2023, this is Friday, February 24.

Requests to change a previously approved S/U request back to letter grades is also the end of the seventh week of courses, Friday, February 24.

Any grading basis requests are final after the seventh week deadline and requests after that date are automatically denied.