COSSPP Graduation Information


You have worked hard to reach this point. As you prepare to receive your degree, please review the steps to graduation below. It is each student’s responsibility to verify that you have satisfied all degree requirements prior to applying for graduation.

Step 1: Apply for Graduation
Step 2: Check before Graduation
Step 3: Participation in the Commencement Ceremony
Step 4: Confirmation of Graduation
Step 5: Denial of Graduation

Step 1: Apply for Graduation 

  • Apply for graduation by the deadline date advertised in the Academic Calendar
  • Please visit the Registrar’s Graduation page for detailed instructions on how to submit your application. 
  • If you do not have the link to apply for graduation, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 850.644.1050 or email  
  • You must have at least 120 credit hours between your earned and in progress hours of unduplicated coursework.  
  • If you are seeking a DUAL DEGREE, you must have at least 150 credit hours between your earned and in progress hours of unduplicated coursework and be completing all requirements for both majors and minors (if required).  
  • Please check your FSU email regularly throughout the semester to ensure you don’t miss any communication about your graduation status and/or your participation in the ceremony. 

Late applying to Graduation

Applying to graduate after the the two (2) week online graduation application window has closed. 

  • For Undergraduate students: An advisor will complete an updated academic progress check showing that you are on track to graduate this semester. Then complete a late add to graduation form.
  • For Graduate students: Verify with your graduate program director that you are on track to graduate this semester. Then complete a late add to graduation form.  
  • You will not be late added to the graduation list unless you are currently on track to complete all requirements with your current enrollment. 
  • Additional information – including important dates and cap and gown details – can be found on the Registrar’s website

Step 2: Check before Graduation 

Verify Final Degree Requirements 

Undergraduate Students: Unsatisfied requirements show as a red “Unsatisfied” in the ARR. 

  • Review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) to ensure that all university, major, and minor (if required) requirements are met, including total graduation hours earned.  
  • Verify you have satisfied all university requirements (upper division writing, scholarship in practice/formative experience, natural science lab, multicultural X/Y courses, summer hours, a 2.0 FSU GPA, etc.)  
  • If you drop a course or withdraw from all your courses during your final term, it may impact your graduation status.  

Graduate Students: 

  • All Graduate Students (MS/MA/MPA/MPH/MSP/PhD): Verify with your Graduate Director that you have completed all graduation requirements.
  • PhD and MS Thesis students: Ensure you meet the manuscript clearance deadlines. Dates are published on the Graduate School’s website.


  • All incomplete “I”, and “NG” grades must be cleared. Inform your professors that this is your graduating semester so all of your grades are submitted on time. Check your GPA and grades in Student Central on your ARR. 
  • Transient Courses: transient courses must be posted to your academic record well in advance of the deadline for degrees to post.
  • Incomplete or non-reported grades received in your final semester will prevent you from graduating. This includes I grades, exchange program courses, and transient courses.  

Visit your Career Liaison or  Career Services for a virtual review of your resume, cover letter, personal statement, or other career-related documents. Your liaison will provide written and video feedback for how to improve of your document. You can submit your files using Career Docs.

Visit the Graduate School to begin researching graduate school options, if considering attending graduate school. 

Step 3: Participation in the Commencement Ceremony 

  • The Commencement Ceremony occurs BEFORE grades post for your potential final semester. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee approval of graduation or earning your degree. 
  • Additional information – including Commencement Ceremony details, important dates, and cap and gown details – can be found on the Registrar’s website Registrar’s website.  

Step 4: Confirmation of Graduation and Earning Your Degree

  • Students participating in commencement ceremonies are doing so before the semester’s grades post.  
  • Grades are posted one week after the graduation ceremony.  
  • The final graduation clearance process begins after semester grades are posted. 
  • All potential graduates are subject to final graduation approval or denial. 
  • If your degree is approved, your diploma will be mailed to you by the Registrar’s Office approximately four (4) – six (6) weeks after commencement. 

Step 5: Denial of Graduation 

  • Graduation denial notifications are sent via e-mail, so continue to check your FSU e-mail after the semester has ended.  
  • If you are denied graduation, your application for graduation will automatically roll-over to the next semester. 

Reasons a graduation application may be denied  

  • Not successfully completing courses. 
  • Repeating a course for which you have already earned a D- or better grade. 
  • Not completing 9 hours of summer hours. Transient courses taken at a local state or community college do not satisfy the 9-hour summer residency requirement. Courses taken at an SUS institution will satisfy the 9-hour summer residency requirement. 
    •  Students unable to complete 9 hours during a summer term are able to petition for a waiver of this requirement but any waiver must be approved prior to degree approval.
  • Not having a 2.0 FSU GPA or a 2.0 GPA in general education courses, major courses, or minor courses (if a minor is required for your major) 
  • Waiting for transcripts from other institutions (transient coursework) 
  • Dropped a course needed to complete any requirement or withdrawing from the whole semester