Graduate Student Forms

The Office of Academic Affairs maintains accurate records for College of Social Sciences and Public Policy graduate students. This includes all administrative forms related to graduate study. The information has been designed to assist graduate students in the steps and milestones required to achieve their degree. Located below are links to many of the forms graduate students will need to fulfill the requirements of their programs. Also included below are the current semester’s deadlines for particular forms to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.

The official method of communication at Florida State University is your FSU e-mail account. In order to stay informed and aware, you are required to set up and maintain your account and check it three times per week. If you choose to have your official FSU account forwarded to another e-mail account, you are still held responsible for all information distributed by the University to your FSU account.

Graduate Student Deadlines:

Summer 2024 Graduate Student Deadlines

Important Thesis and Dissertation Deadlines Summer 2024

Electronic Forms Submission Processes:

Our academic forms are set up through DocuSign Power Forms. Before initiating a Power Form, please make sure to have all of the signers’ names and email addresses. You will receive a copy of the form once all signatures have been received.

Graduate students should not initiate forms that are designed for department staff.

Forms for Graduate Students

  • Time Extension Request Form
    Student > Major Professor(s) > Committee Member 1 > Committee Member 2 > Additional Committee Members (if applicable) > Department Chair > Academic Dean
    Student must attach all relevant supporting documentation through DocuSign by clicking the “Attachment” icon. Repeat the action for each additional file to be attached.
  • Late Add Form
    Contact Department academic staff to request a late course add.
    Department Staff > Academic Dean 

  • Late Drop for Medical/Mental Health and Personal Hardship (after 7th week)
    • Medical/mental health drop petitions are considered by committees through University Health Services which return a recommendation to the Academic Affairs office. Circumstances must have impacted the student during the semester in question and required supporting documentation provided by a state-licensed medical or mental health care provider.
    • Complete the COSSPP online petition form.
    • A member of the Academic Affairs staff will send a medical/mental health petition packet to the student’s FSU email account in 3-5 business days.
    • Complete the packet and submit it and documentation to UHS as outlined in the packet.
      • Do not submit medical/mental health documentation to the Academic Affairs office.
    • Once the committee returns a recommendation, you will be notified of the decision by a member of the Academic Affairs office. COSSPP policy requires that approval or denial follow the recommendation of the committee for medical/mental health drops.

Forms for Department Staff

Department academic staff completes the form and initiates submission of form for signatures.