Graduate Student Updates and Deadlines

There are several important semester deadlines approaching. Please read carefully below as the College has high expectations for our graduate students and their responsibility to meet University-published deadlines.

  1. Seventh week deadline reminders
  2. Manuscript clearance deadlines
  3. Late applying for Spring graduation
  4. Upcoming Summer and Fall registration dates
  5. College and University support resources

Seventh week deadline reminders

The end of the seventh week of classes includes several University deadlines which apply to all students.

The Spring 2023 seventh week deadline is February 24.

  1. Last day to reduce course load without Dean’s office permission.
  2. Last day to drop a class without receiving a grade.
  3. Last day to withdraw from the semester without receiving a grade.
  4. Financial aid deferments expire.
  5. Final payment for installment contracts due.
  6. Last day for doctoral students to take and pass preliminary exam to add or convert dissertation hours this current semester.
  7. Open enrollment for summer-only health insurance begins.

Course drops

Students may drop a class prior to the end of the seventh week of classes (February 24) without Dean’s office permission.

  1. Students remain fee liable for all classes on their schedule after drop/add, regardless of drop status, unless approved through the medical/mental health drop petition process.
  2. Students on waivers or other assistance should consult with their program coordinator prior to dropping any class.
  3. Students complete pre-7th week drops through Student Center. Do not ask your department to submit a course drop slip prior to the seventh week deadline – you will be directed to complete the process yourself through Student Center.

Detailed instructions on how to drop a class through Student Center can be found on our pre-7th week drop instructions page.

Semester withdrawals

Dropping all classes from your schedule constitutes a withdrawal from the University for the semester and must be initiated through the Office of Withdrawal Services.

Withdrawals initiated prior to the seventh week deadline will be automatically approved under the seventh week drop policy. Unless otherwise noted individually, students are reinstated to continue coursework in the next semester.

  1. Students remain fee liable for any withdrawal not approved through the medical or mental health drop process.
  2. Students with three or more withdrawals across their entire FSU academic history must petition the University Multiple Withdrawal and Dismissal Committee prior to reinstatement considerations.
  3. Students conditionally admitted and in their first semester are not eligible for reinstatement until first approved by their faculty program director. Reinstatement is considered separately from withdrawal, with the latter reviewed solely through the Office of Academic Affairs.

Manuscript clearance deadlines

Doctoral students and thesis-track master’s students must meet both semester and 60-day deadlines for manuscript review and clearance. Students who miss semester deadlines will delay their graduation to the following semester.

A student’s individual deadlines are automatically calculated in the Manuscript Clearance Portal once the Defense Announcement Form is submitted.

Spring 2023 manuscript clearance deadlines (11:59 pm Eastern time):

  1. March 20 – Doctoral students: submit dissertation or treatise for pre-defense format review.
  2. April 3 – Master’s students: submit master’s thesis for pre-defense format review.
  3. April 17 – All degrees: submit post-defense, content-approved manuscript and required Portal forms.
  4. May 5 – All degrees: receive an email from Manuscript Clearance Office confirming final clearance.

Late applying for Spring graduation

If you plan to graduate this semester and did not apply online, you must first have your program coordinator verify that you are on track to complete all requirements with your current registration. Forward that verification and a completed late add request form  to

  1. Deadlines:
    • March 20 – deadline for doctoral degree information to be submitted to the Academic Affairs office for inclusion in printed Commencement program.
    • March 31 – deadline to be late added and guarantee name inclusion in the printed Commencement program.
    • April 14 – deadline to be late added and guarantee participation in Commencement ceremony.
  2. Information regarding Commencement ceremonies may be found on the Registrar’s graduation website.
    • University doctoral Commencement and hooding ceremony: Friday, May 5, 9:00 am EDT.
    • COSSPP Master’s degree Commencement (along with undergraduate): Saturday, May 6, 9:00 am EDT.
  3. Participation in Commencement does not guarantee graduation. Final graduation clearance begins when grades post on May 10. Students who do not complete their degree requirements will be notified by May 25. Degrees will post to transcripts on May 26.

Upcoming Summer and Fall registration dates

Course availability for Summer and Fall 2023 will appear in Class Search on Monday, February 27.

Course registration for the Summer and Fall 2023 semesters will open on Monday, March 6.

Be sure to register for your needed Summer and Fall classes as soon as possible. Late registration can have a variety of impacts including late registration fees and delayed financial aid or assistantship waiver release.

College and University support resources

It important to remember throughout the semester that every student faces the possibility of enduring some type of personal hardship outside of classes that can directly impact their academic performance.

The Office of Academic Affairs exists in part to provide support, resource referrals, and guidance on University policies and procedures to students facing these circumstances as they make progress towards completing their degree.

In addition, the Department of Student Support and Transitions and other offices on campus can offer support and guidance relating to a variety of circumstances:

  1. Case Management Services – provides emotional support, counseling, advocacy, and identification of immediate needs, and makes referrals to campus and community resources
  2. Counseling and Psychological Services – see also suggested resources – services include counseling, alcohol and drug assessments, anxiety management programs, peer support, and emergency walk in appointments.
  3. Food Pantry – an on-campus food pantry supporting students experiencing food insecurity.
  4. Know More – confidential resources – support and resources for those who have experienced or who are reporting sexual misconduct.
  5. Office of Accessibility Services – supports student access and success though academic, housing, and dining accommodations; testing support; assistive technologies; and more.
  6. – share information regarding incidents or concerning behavior happening in the FSU community.
  7. University Health Services – provides a variety of clinical services including medical treatment, immunizations, women’s care, physical therapy, allergy care, and more.