Late Add to Graduation List – Undergraduate – Form must be submitted with an academic progress check completed by an academic advisor during the semester intending to graduate showing that a student is on track to meet graduation requirements.

Late Add to Graduation List – Graduate – Form must be submitted along with verification from program coordinator verifying that student is on track to complete all degree requirements.

Declare a Double Major or Dual Degree with 90+ hours earned – Students who have earned more than 90 credit hours must receive approval from both advising and Deans’ offices to officially declare a double major or dual degree. COSSPP requires that students with a primary major in the college complete the double major/dual degree program of study form with advisors from both majors to outline all remaining graduation requirements before the petition will be considered.

Take a Course S/U RequestRegistrar’s instructions – Students may request to take one elective course (not major, minor, General Education, or university graduation requirements) per semester on an S/U basis. Requests must be submitted before the end of the seventh week of the semester.

Course Overload Request – Students requesting to take more than 18 hours in Fall or Spring semesters or more than the maximum allowed per Summer term must submit a course overload request.

Degree in Three Program of Study – Students interested in the Degree in Three (Din3) program or who need an updated Din3 program of study must meet with an academic advisor, who will forward the Program of Study along with any needed updated progress checks to the Graduation & Planning Strategies office and/or the Academic Dean’s office.

Take Graduate Courses while an Undergraduate – Undergraduate students who wish to take graduate coursework must obtain instructor and department chair permission and submit their request to the Academic Dean’s office.

Campus Location Change Form – Students wishing to change campuses from Main (Tallahassee), Panama City, or Distance Learning need to complete and submit a campus change form to the Academic Dean’s office. Must first meet with an academic advisor to discuss impacts of campus change.