Fall 2021 COSSPP Graduation Clearance Reminders

Congratulations on the end of the Fall 2021 semester!

Receiving this email means that you are currently on the Fall 2021 graduation list, and likely participated in the Commencement ceremonies last Friday. We hope that you, your family, and your friends are enjoying this time. With the end of the term, we wanted to send you a few reminders about the graduation process and important dates.

Fall 2021 grades post on Wednesday, December 15.

At that time our office will begin the process of clearing students for graduation. Students who successfully completed all graduation requirements will see their degree posted on transcripts on January 6, as listed below.

Students must have satisfied all requirements – including all university, major, and (if required) minor – to clear for graduation.

Students who have not successfully completed graduation requirements will be notified of such by January 3 and will be activated to register for Spring 2022 classes. Due to the volume of students to process, only those students who do not clear will be sent a notification from our office. Remember that graduation status is determined by earned credits and completed requirements, not by participation in the commencement ceremony.

Degrees post to official transcripts on January 6.

Diplomas are typically mailed 4-6 weeks after degrees post to transcripts. Students who need verification of degree prior to January 6 for employment, graduate school, or the military should email coss-academic-dean@fsu.edu.