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Updates and Reminders | October 5, 2021

Good morning students,

This is the seventh week of the semester, which means several important deadlines are this Friday. Make sure to pay attention to these deadlines, as well as the additional information from our office.

This message contains additional information about:

  1. How to drop a class before the 7th Week Deadline
  2. How to take a course S/U
  3. Spring 2022 Registration information
  4. How to speak with an academic advisor
  5. Applying late to the Fall 2021 graduation list
  6. Declaring a minor or a concentration for a COSSPP major

This is the highest advising volume period of the semester. There may be limited availability or increased wait times due to the number of students waiting to speak with an advisor.

  • There will be no drop-in advising availability on the morning of Wednesday, October 6.

Seventh Week Deadline: Remember that the 7th Week Deadline is this Friday, October 8 and is the deadline for all the following (additional information on the Academic Calendar):

  • Submit to take a course S/U or change back to letter-graded
  • Drop a course without Dean’s permission/without using a late drop
  • Drop a course without a grade appearing on the transcript
  • Withdraw from the semester without a grade appearing on the transcript
  • Petition to reinstate schedules cancelled for nonpayment
  • Financial Aid deferments expire
  • Final payment for installment contracts due

How to drop a class before the 7th Week Deadline

After October 8, you must request to use a one-time late drop, if it has not previously been used. Students looking to withdraw from the University for the entire semester (drop their entire course load) must contact the Office of Withdrawal Services.

If you are on the Fall 2021 graduation list and drop a course needed to complete any graduation requirement, you will be deleted from the graduation list.

Instructions to drop a course:

  1. In Student Center, go to My Classes > Enrollment: Drop Classes, and choose the correct semester.
  2. Your schedule for the semester will appear.
    Look above the schedule, and click the blue hyperlink that says “Click here to Drop a class for a closed enrollment term.” If you do not click this link, you will receive an error message.
  3. Click to acknowledge instructions and the Academic Honor Policy, again select the correct term, and your schedule will appear again.
  4. Select the course(s) you want to drop and click “Drop Selected Classes.”
  5. Follow all prompts to make sure the process is completed. Be sure to verify that the course has dropped from your schedule – it is your responsibility to confirm a successful course drop.

How to take a course S/U

S/U grading requests are submitted online through Student Central. Instructions are on the Registrar’s website.

  1. Students may elect to take one elective course on an S/U basis in each semester.
  2. Courses taken on an S/U basis cannot be counted towards a major, minor, or Liberal Studies requirements.
  3. Except for students in their first term at FSU, at least a 2.5 grade point average is required.
  4. Complete policies outlining S/U requirements can be found online in the FSU undergraduate bulletin.

Spring 2022 Registration information

The Registration Guide for Spring 2022 has been released. This guide includes information about when you can register for classes, based on the number of earned (completed) hours posted to your student account. (Earned hours do not included current enrollment.)

  1. Plan your Spring schedule now
    Course availability for Spring is now open in both Course Search and Schedule Planner. Begin planning your schedule now.
    Place courses in your shopping cart so that they are ready for you to enroll as soon as your registration window opens.
  • Clear holds on your account
    Make sure to clear any holds currently on your account prior to the start of registration. Many holds can be cleared by you, yourself – CLICK ON THE HOLD to read the instructions on how to clear it. Some require action by the student while some give contact information for specific offices.
    Please note:
    “University Academic Progress Check” holds are cleared by the student – instructions are in the hold.
    “Social Science Prog Check Note” is not a hold and does not prevent registration – it is just an indicator that a progress check has been prepared for you and you should meet with an academic advisor to go over it.
  • Upcoming registration windows next week
    Registration will be open next week for students who fall into the following categories on each of the days indicated.
    Monday, October 11: Priority registration and students with 110+ hours earned
    Tuesday, October 12: 100+ hours earned
    Wednesday, October 13: 90+ hours earned
    Thursday, October 14: 80+ hours earned
    Friday, October 15: 70+ hours earned
  • How to speak with an academic advisor

All COSSPP advising services are accessible through Campus Connect. Our online how-to guide shows step-by-step how to access both scheduled appointments and virtual drop-ins.

All drop-in availability is virtual, signing in through Campus Connect and meeting with an advisor via Zoom. Drop-ins are available Monday-Friday.

Scheduled appointments are available on a virtual or in-person basis, Monday-Thursday. You must indicate when scheduling your appointment whether you are choosing a virtual (through Zoom) or in-person (in Bellamy 105/106) appointment.

Applying late to the Fall 2021 graduation list

To late apply for Fall 2021 graduation you must meet with a COSSPP academic advisor.  They will complete an updated academic progress check to verify you are on track to graduate. You must submit it and a completed late add to graduation information form to coss-academic-dean@fsu.edu.

  1. You will not be added to the graduation list unless you are currently on track to complete all requirements with your current enrollment and already posted credit.
  2. Participation in a commencement ceremony is not the same as graduating. Once grades post to student accounts on December 15, the Academic Affairs office will begin final graduation clearances. Students who do not achieve required or satisfactory grades to complete their degree requirements will be notified by email. Degrees will post to transcripts on January 6.
  3. Additional information – including important dates and cap and gown details – can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Declaring a minor or a concentration for a COSSPP major

Students must be certified into their major (not pre- or NFA-) before they can have a minor or concentration officially applied to their account. Typical requirements to be certified include having completed at least 52 hours of credit including both English and math requirements, in addition to any other major-specific requirements.

  1. Link: http://bit.ly/COSSminors
  2. Please allow up to a week for processing of your minor or concentration declarations. If you have questions about your declaration, please email the COSSPP Mapping Coordinator at: COSS-Admissions-Mapping@fsu.edu.