Advising Updates and Reminders | October 24

As we move into the tenth week of classes and further into Spring 2023 course registration season, pay attention to the following updates and reminders:

  1. Spring 2023 Course Registration
  2. Upcoming Advising Availability
  3. 12th Week Drop Deadline – November 10
  4. Applying Late to Fall 2023 Graduation

Spring 2023 Course Registration

Registration is open today for all students with 60 or more hours earned, not including current enrollment.

When searching for classes, we recommend using Class Search (Student Center > My Classes > Class Search) for many of our majors, especially our interdisciplinary programs, as it allows searching by academic department. Detailed instructions on searching for classes by academic department are found on our website.

Remaining registration windows will open on the following dates:

  1. October 31
  2. November 7
  3. November 8

Spring registration closes on December 16 at 11:59 pm EST.

Spring 2023 Drop/Add will be January 7 – January 12.

Upcoming Advising Availability

Due to high student volume, advisor capacity may often be exceeded over the next few weeks with extended wait times for virtual drop-ins and appointments fully booked out three weeks at a time.

There will be limited or no advising availability on the following dates: 

  1. October 24 – new student orientation – no afternoon drop-in advising
  2. November 11 – University closed (Veterans Day) – no advising availability
  3. November 14 – new student orientation – no afternoon drop-in advising
  4. November 23-25 – University closed (Thanksgiving) – no advising
  5. December 7 – staff meetings – limited morning drop-in advising
  6. December 9 – Commencement – limited afternoon drop-in advising

12th Week Drop Deadline – November 10

The 12th week deadline is Thursday, November 10, at 11:59 pm EST. Late drop forms must be generated and submitted prior to the deadline in order to be approved.

Between the ends of the seventh and twelfth weeks of a semester, students may choose to use up to two late drops before earning 60 hours and one late drop after earning 60 hours.

Detailed instructions on generating and submitting a late drop form may be found on our website.

Students are fee liable for any classes dropped after the end of drop/add.

Applying Late to Fall 2023 Graduation

Students planning to graduate during the Fall 2022 semester who did not apply to graduate are not on the ceremony participation list. 

  1. To late apply to graduate, you must speak with an academic advisor to verify that you are on track to do so and submit a late add petition form
  2. Students who apply late are not guaranteed the ability to participate in the ceremony or that their name will appear in printed programs.

Remember that participation in a Commencement ceremony does not guarantee earning a degree. Degree verification happens after grades post on December 14. Students who have not completed all requirements will be notified by the COSSPP Office of Academic Affairs and by the University Registrar’s office and set eligible to register for Spring classes.