Advising Updates and Reminders | January 28

We are quickly approaching the quarter point of the semester. Be sure to read the updates and reminders below as we look ahead to dates like the seventh week deadline and the start of registration for Summer and Fall classes, all within the next month.

  1. Meeting with an academic advisor
  2. Applying late for graduation
  3. Dropping a class
  4. Changing a class to S/U grading
  5. Declaring a concentration or minor
  6. Transient coursework in Summer or Fall

Advising pro-tip: Want to beat advising wait lines for registration advising or drop/add? Weeks 2-5 of a semester tend to have lower advising volume and shorter drop-in wait times. Get seen early for an updated progress check so you simply register for classes for the next semester based on that information.

Meeting with an academic advisor

Detailed information about hours and how-to guides for scheduling or joining an advising meeting can be found on our website.

Advising availability

For the Spring 2024 semester, drop-ins are conducted virtually via an open, moderated Zoom call.

  • Link:
  • Students may sign in to speak with an advisor during the hours listed above.
  • Students must be signed into Zoom through their FSU account to access the call. See the authentication section below if having issues with logging in.
  • Wait times before being admitted to the main Zoom call are dependent on how many students are signed in / in line.

Scheduled appointments
Appointments may be completed virtually or in person and are scheduled through Campus Connect.

  • Detailed instructions on how to schedule an appointment can be found on our website.
  • Appointments are scheduled to last for 30 minutes.
  • Appointments may only be scheduled up to three weeks in advance and no less than 24 hours in advance.

Who is my advisor?

All academic advising in the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy is completed through the Office of Academic Affairs advising office.*

We recommend you meet with a COSSPP academic advisor once a semester to ensure that they are on track to complete their graduation requirements in a timely and effective manner. 

  • You may consult faculty or staff in the College’s academic departments for major requirements or with other offices on campus for general purposes. However, you should not rely solely on information outside the COSSPP advising office (including FSU faculty and staff, family, or friends) to confirm remaining degree requirements and graduation timeline.
  • Students may email for general questions and information or may attend a virtual drop-in or scheduled meeting (in-person or virtual) with any of our academic advisors.

* Students on the FSU Panama City and Republic of Panama campuses should speak with advisors for their major in that location.

Applying late for graduation

The Spring 2024 online graduation application closed on Friday, January 26.

If you intend to graduate this semester and did not already apply, meet with a COSSPP academic advisor to receive an updated progress check verifying you are on track to complete all requirements. Once confirmed, the advisor will initiate the late add to graduation form, which you will need to complete and sign through DocuSign. Once completed, the COSSPP Office of Academic Affairs will forward the approved late add form to the Registrar’s office for processing.

Additional information:

  1. The COSSPP Commencement Ceremony is at 9:00 am Eastern on Saturday, May 4. Additional ceremony information is found on the Registrar’s graduation website.
  2. You must currently be on track to complete all requirements with your current enrollment and already posted credit to be late added to the graduation list.
  3. Participation in Commencement does not guarantee graduation. Final graduation clearance reviews begin after grades post on May 8. Degrees will post to transcripts on May 30.
  4. Late application deadlines:
    • March 29 – deadline to be late added and guarantee inclusion in the printed program for Commencement
    • April 12 – deadline to be late added and guarantee participation in Commencement ceremony
    • May 10 – deadline for CLEP or other test credit to be posted to transcript for Spring graduation

Dropping a class

You may drop a class prior to the end of the seventh week of classes (February 23) without Dean’s office permission. You are fee liable for any class dropped after drop/add.

Detailed instructions on how to drop a class prior to the end of the seventh week of classes are on our website.

  1. Pay attention to Step 4 – if you do not click the link that says, “Click here to Drop a class for a closed enrollment term,” you will receive an error message.
  2. Dropping all classes for the semester constitutes withdrawing from the University. To initiate a withdrawal, contact the Office of Withdrawal Services.

Changing a class to S/U grading

You may request to take up to one class a semester on an S/U (pass/fail) basis (instructions linked).

  1. Only undergraduate courses may be swapped to S/U grading, and if approved do not satisfy any Liberal Studies, major, or minor requirements. Requests may be denied if courses are needed to complete any unsatisfied graduation requirements.
  2. You must have a 2.5 FSU GPA or be in your first semester at FSU to request S/U grading.
  3. The S/U petition deadline is February 24. Requests to change to S/U or to revert a previously approved course back to letter-graded after the deadline will be denied.

Declaring a concentration or minor

Students with a primary major in COSSPP may declare a minor through our online minors request form. Concentrations in COSSPP majors may also be declared through the same form.

Remember that minors and concentrations do not appear on final transcripts or diplomas.

  1. Students with a primary major in COSSPP may declare a single minor on their account. Dual degree students may declare one minor for each degree. Additional minors, if completed, are optional and not declared on the student’s FSU account.
    1. COSSPP progress check advising forms only record progress on a single minor except where required for dual degrees or for verifying course overlap policies.
    2. The Office of Academic Affairs only checks for and certifies completion of a single minor per degree at the point of graduation.
  2. Major requirements take precedence over minor requirements and coursework is credited to a major before considering any minor, required or optional.
  3. International Affairs and Interdisciplinary Social Science majors may not declare optional minors in the subject areas or departments in which they have a declared concentration.

Transient coursework in Summer or Fall

Students considering transient coursework during the Summer or Fall 2024 semesters should speak with an advisor before submitting a transient application through FloridaShines.

The COSSPP academic advising office does not review transient applications prior to the start of registration for a given term. Registration for Summer and Fall 2024 begins on March 4. Transient applications for those terms may be submitted at that point in time.

The University deadline for Summer transient applications is April 1. The deadline for Fall applications is August 1. Applications submitted after those dates are reviewed at the discretion of a student’s Dean’s office and are not guaranteed approval.

Additional information on the transient application process can be found on the COSSPP Academic Affairs website.