Advising Updates and Reminders | February 1

Be sure to review the information below as we hit the quarter mark of the semester this week. Contact the COSSPP Academic Advising office with any questions at

  1. Need to late apply to graduate in Spring 2023?
  2. Seventh Week Deadline – February 24
  3. Course information and registration for Summer and Fall 2023
  4. Declare your minor or concentration for COSSPP majors

Advising Pro Tip: Want to beat advising wait lines for registration advising? Plan ahead for future semesters early in this semester and meet with an advisor before the Summer/Fall registration guide comes out on February 27.

Need to late apply to graduate in Spring 2023?

If you plan to graduate this semester and did not apply online, meet with a COSSPP academic advisor to receive an updated academic progress check. Once they verify you are on track to graduate, complete a late add request form and email it to

  1. The COSSPP Commencement Ceremony is at 9:00 am EDT on Saturday, May 6. Additional ceremony information is found on the Registrar’s graduation website.
  2. Deadlines:
    • March 31 – deadline to be late added and guarantee inclusion in the printed program for Commencement
    • April 14 – deadline to be late added and guarantee participation in Commencement ceremony
    • May 12 – deadline for CLEP or other test credit to be posted to transcript for Spring graduation
  3. You must currently be on track to complete all requirements with your current enrollment and already posted credit to be late added to the graduation list.
  4. Participation in Commencement does not guarantee graduation. Final graduation clearance reviews begin after grades post on May 10. Students who do not complete their degree requirements will be notified by May 25. Degrees will post to transcripts on May 26.

Seventh Week Deadline – February 24

The end of the seventh week of classes marks the deadline for:

  1. Requesting S/U grading or change S/U option back to regular grade
  2. Drop a class without permission of academic dean and without receiving a grade (or W) on transcript
  3. Withdraw from school without receiving a grade (or W) on transcript
  4. Financial Aid deferments expire.
  5. Final payment for installment contracts due

Taking a class S/U

You may request to take up to one class a semester on an S/U (pass/fail) basis.

  1. Only undergraduate courses may be swapped to S/U grading, and if approved do not satisfy any Liberal Studies, major, or minor requirements. Requests may be denied if courses are needed to complete any unsatisfied graduation requirements.
  2. You must have a 2.5 FSU GPA or be in your first semester at FSU to request S/U grading.
  3. The S/U petition deadline is February 24. Requests to change to S/U or to revert a previously approved course back to letter-graded after the deadline will be denied.

Dropping a class

You may drop a class prior to the end of the seventh week of classes (February 24) without Dean’s office permission. You are fee liable for any class dropped after drop/add.

Detailed instructions on how to drop a class prior to the end of the seventh week of classes are on the pre-7th week drop instructions page.

  1. Pay attention to Step 4 – if you do not click the link that says, “Click here to Drop a class for a closed enrollment term,” you will receive an error message.
  2. Dropping all classes for the semester constitutes withdrawing from the University. To initiate a withdrawal, contact the Office of Withdrawal Services.

Registration for Summer and Fall 2023

Course availability for Summer and Fall 2023 will appear in Class Search on Monday, February 27.

Course registration for the Summer and Fall 2023 semesters will open on Monday, March 6.

Registration windows (also known as enrollment appointments) are determined based on how many credit hours you have previously earned (current enrollment not included). Students with fewer earned hours will have later registration windows.

Declare your minor or concentration for COSSPP majors

Students with a primary major in COSSPP may declare a minor through our online minors request form. Concentrations in COSSPP majors may also be declared through the same form.

  1. You must be certified into your major (not pre- or NFA-) before officially declaring a minor or concentration.
  2. Allow up to a business week for processing of your request. Questions about your request should be sent to the COSSPP Mapping Coordinator at
  3. Dual degree students with a degree in another college: minors for the non-COSSPP degree must be declared through that respective Dean’s office.