Advising Updates and Reminders | December 4

The end of the Fall 2023 semester is fast approaching. Please review all the information below and contact the COSSPP Academic Advising office with any questions at


  1. Registration for Spring 2024 classes
  2. Updated and limited advising availability
  3. Fall 2023 grades, academic standing, and drop petitions
  4. Applying late for Fall 2023 graduation
  5. Declare your minor of concentration for COSSPP majors

University Closure for Winter Break: University offices will be closed for the Winter Break holidays December 16 – January 2. Offices will reopen with regular business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST) on January 3. Faculty and staff will not be available during the closure, and there may be an extended delay in email response after reopening while messages are processed in the order they were originally received.

Who is your advisor? All degree checks and final graduation clearances for COSSPP students are conducted through the Office of Academic Affairs. Students may consult faculty and staff in the College’s academic departments and program offices on for their major or with other offices on campus for general purposes. However, they should not rely solely on information sources outside COSSPP advising office (including FSU faculty and staff, family, or friends) to confirm their remaining degree requirements and graduation timeline.

Registration for Spring 2024 classes

Registration for Spring 2024 classes is open through Friday, December 22, at 11:59 pm EST. If you have not yet registered for Spring classes, do so as soon as possible and secure your seats.

Grades for the Fall 2023 semester will post on Wednesday, December 20 – review your grades and make any needed schedule adjustments prior to registration closing.

If you have not met with an academic advisor this semester to check your remaining requirements, you can still register for classes and make adjustments after speaking with someone. Use available online tools to build your schedule: access the Academic Requirements Report or previous advising reports in Campus Connect to build a preliminary schedule. The ARR does not always read all major requirements entirely correctly, but it will give you a starting point for reference and good guidance for remaining General Education and Liberal Studies requirements.

Updated and limited advising availability

The following days and times have adjusted or limited academic advising availabilities through the College’s academic advising office. Please review this information carefully if you are planning to speak with a COSSPP academic advisor.

December 4-15 – virtual drop-ins

Academic advising availability from December 4-15 is primarily through virtual drop-ins. While appointments may be scheduled through December 7, most appointment times have already been booked. All advising during Finals Week (December 11-15) is by virtual drop-ins only.

  1. December 12-14: There may be extended waiting times and limited availability to speak with advisors in the afternoons due to end of semester staff requirements.
  2. December 15: Commencement day – there will be only a limited number of advisors available due to the requirements of Commencement ceremonies and events.

January 3-5 – no open advising availability

Due to new student orientation and beginning of the semester staff requirements, there will be no open advising availability January 3-5 (Wednesday-Friday) after the University reopens following the Winter Break holidays.

Spring 2024 drop/add (week of January 8-12)

All advising during the Spring 2024 drop/add period and for the week of January 8-12 will be via open Zoom call. Additional information on drop/add advising availability can be found on the Drop/Add Week Information page on our website.

Fall 2023 grades, academic standing, and drop petitions

Grades for Fall 2023 classes are official when they post to student transcripts on Wednesday, December 20.

  1. Questions about any final grades should be directed first to the instructor for your class.
  2. Grades displayed in a course’s Canvas gradebook are not considered official and there may sometimes be differences in the Canvas listed grade and the official grade you have in the class.
  3. Students wishing to dispute any final grade in a class must start the process by contacting their instructor as part of the formal grade appeal process.

Students whose cumulative FSU GPA falls below a 2.0 are placed on academic probation. Those on academic probation who fail to raise their cumulative FSU above 2.0 for a second consecutive semester are at risk of academic dismissal. All students not in good academic standing will receive additional information from the Office of Academic Affairs on December 20, after grades post.

Students often enquire at this point in the semester about course drops or semester withdrawals from all classes. For answers to most questions related to course drops and withdrawals, review the FAQ section on our website. After the end of the 12th week of classes, course drops and withdrawals may only be initiated on the basis of documented medical, mental health, or personal hardship circumstances. Dissatisfaction with the grade earned in a class is not in itself grounds for petitioning for a course drop.

All drop and withdrawals petitions for upper-division COSSPP students are initiated online through the College’s Drop and Withdrawal Petition Application.

  1. Lower-division (pre- and NFA-) students must contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies as their academic dean’s office to discuss course drops or withdrawals.
  2. Double major or dual degree students with a primary major or degree in another college must contact that respective academic dean’s office.

Applying late for Fall 2023 graduation

If you plan to graduate this semester and did not apply to do so, you are not currently on the Fall 2023 graduation list.

To apply late, meet with a COSSPP academic advisor to receive an updated academic progress check. After verifying that you are on track to graduate, complete a late add request form and email it to

  1. You must currently be on track to complete all requirements with your current enrollment and already posted credit to be late added to the graduation list.
  2. The University Commencement ceremony is 2:00 pm EST on Friday, December 15. While it is still possible to participate in the ceremony, late additions at this point will not be included in printed program materials.
  3. Applying for graduation nor participation in Commencement guarantees graduation. Final graduation clearance reviews begin after grades post on December 20. Students who do not complete their degree requirements will be notified by January 10, 2024. Degrees will post to transcripts on January 11.

Declare your minor of concentration for COSSPP majors

Students with a primary major in COSSPP may declare a minor through our online minors request form.

Concentrations in COSSPP majors may also be declared through the same form.

  1. You must be certified into your major (not pre- or NFA-) before officially declaring a minor or concentration.
  2. Allow up to a business week for processing of your request. Questions about your request should be sent to the COSSPP Mapping Coordinator at
  3. Dual degree students with a degree in another college: minors for the non-COSSPP degree must be declared through that respective Dean’s office.