Advising reminders for Spring 2024 registration

Registration for Spring 2024 begins this week.

Students with priority registration or 90+ hours earned can register starting Monday, October 9 and Wednesday October 11, respectively. Students not in these groups cannot register until their registration window opens.

Check registration windows for Spring 2024 on the Academic Calendar.

Advising during the month of October

Advising priority through October 25 is for students who register prior to October 30. If your registration window is on or after October 30, please do not take up spaces in advising queues for students who are able to register.

October is the highest volume period for advising of the semester. Wait times for advising are lengthy and advisor capacity is often exceeded.

The focus for drop-in advising during October is Spring 2024 class schedules only. Requests for items such as dual degree petitions, Degree in Three plans, or prelaw advising will be required to schedule an appointment, if and as they are available.

How you can prepare to register for Spring 2024 classes.

Review the information below and email any questions to

  1. Build a schedule, register, and secure your seats as soon as possible when your registration window opens.
    1. You are not required to meet with an advisor to register for classes – you can always adjust your schedule later after meeting with an advisor.
    2. You do not have to have a complete schedule to register for classes – register for even one class if you know that it is required or a milestone for you in the next term.
  2. Use available online tools to build your schedule. Access the Academic Requirements Report or previous advising reports in Campus Connect to build a preliminary schedule. The ARR does not always read all major requirements entirely correctly, but it will give you a starting point for reference and good guidance for remaining General Education and Liberal Studies requirements.
  3. Allow 2-3 business days for an email response from an advisor.
    1. If you send an email on a Thursday or Friday, do not send a follow-up message over the weekend as advisors do not check email outside of work hours.
    2. Do not email multiple advisors the same request as it can slow down response time.
    3. The best way to ensure a timely response is to email