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Academic Affairs & Student Services

College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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The Academic Affairs & Student Services office provides tools and support to students in the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy to succeed academically across our various departments and programs.

We provide a variety of student services including:

  • Housing the Academic Dean’s office, overseeing all undergraduate and graduate student progress checks, milestones, and clearances needed to complete a degree through the College
  • Academic advising for all undergraduate students in the College
  • Maintaining and verifying academic records for students in the College
  • Approving transient coursework requests for students in the College
  • Administering academic orientations for undergraduate students with majors in the College
  • Overseeing transfer student admissions for the College

Commonly Requested Services

Academic AdvisingChange/Add a MajorAdmissions
Suggested Course ListsDeclare Minor/ConcentrationTransient Coursework
Graduation InformationStudent FormsDrops and Withdrawals

Contact Us


BEL 101


9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Remote period F2F


(850) 644-5470


(850) 306-2160

Mailing Address

Academic Affairs & Student Services
P.O. Box 3062160
113 Collegiate Loop
Tallahassee, Florida 32306
Academic Dean's Office coss-academic-dean@fsu.edu
Undergraduate Advising coss-advising@fsu.edu
Admissions & Academic Mapping coss-admissions-mapping@fsu.edu
Distance Learning Advising coss-socialsciences-dl@fsu.edu