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The annual publication of the college

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Our Mission

"The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality instruction, offering opportunities for professional development, and performing first class research to serve society."

Our students and faculty generate new knowledge that enhances the discussion of important social, economic, and public policy issues and leads to innovations in industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. We prepare our students for meaningful careers, advanced professional training, and an active role in public life.

The college's strategic plan is built on our existing strengths to:

  • transform the educational experience for our most outstanding students;
  • enhance new programs to help prepare tomorrow’s leaders in business, politics, government, and the nonprofit sector for a global society;
  • build world-class research and teaching programs focusing on issues related to equality of opportunity, aging, and health that are critical to the state of Florida;
  • develop an international research and teaching program on the impact of culture and social and political institutions on such issues as poverty, economic growth, terrorism, and international relations;
  • use our pathbreaking research to generate innovative solutions to economic, political, and social problems;
  • achieve top quartile status among public institutions for all of our Ph.D. programs.