2021-2022 Social Science Scholars

Hartley Brooks

Hartley is a third-year student majoring in political science and sociology. As a Social Science Scholar, she seeks to travel to Rome with the Lex Fellowship to intern with various law firms. This experience will provide her with the opportunity to meet and work alongside practicing attorneys, learn about their case theories and the reasoning behind their decisions. She will gain exposure to different areas of law, and she plans to use the experience to inform her career trajectory after law school. Hartley is a member of Phi Alpha Delta PreLaw Fraternity, the college’s Student Leadership Council and an Engage 100 Freshman Interest Group Leader.

Ainsley Coty

Ainsley is a second-year student majoring in political science and history and minoring in both economics and Spanish. She is passionate about educating others about the importance of political engagement. This led to her working for the Association of Florida Colleges, as well as co-leading a student group called Across the Aisle that facilitates respectful debate about current political topics. She is also passionate about sustainability, and she hopes to make an impact through local projects that give back to the community. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Ainsley plans to pursue a joint degree program involving public policy and law school.

Gwynne English

Gwynne is a second-year student majoring in international affairs and Spanish with an interest in emergency management and policy. During her first year on campus, Gwynne was a part of the Bryan Hall Living Learning Community. Currently, she is a member of FSU’s Global Scholars Program and the World Affairs Program, FSU’s internationally ranked Top 10 Model UN team. Gwynne is also involved in the Sophomore Class council, the Swim Club and the Flying High Circus. In summer she runs a learn-to-swim program for at-risk youth and foster children. After graduation Gwynne plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration.

Michelle Evangelista

Michelle is a third-year student majoring in international affairs and IT. In addition to serving as a resident assistant and an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program leader, she is involved with Kappa Delta Chi and FSU’s Sustainable Campus. Michelle also runs her own small business: Empowerment by M.E. She is conducting an honors thesis on environmental injustice in the Santiago River in Mexico and hopes to conduct preliminary research and data collection this summer in Guadalajara. After graduation Michelle aspires to a career in academia beginning with earning a Ph.D. in geography and a Fulbright scholarship to study in Mexico.

Isabella Frazier

Isabella is a third-year student majoring in international affairs with a minor in communication. She’s a student ambassador for FSU’s International Programs and the director of FSU’s Global Peace Exchange, a student-run non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable development projects through student exchanges. She is a former community ambassador for the Florida People’s Advocacy Center and participated in FSU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program studying political and religious mobilization within Côte d’Ivoire. Following graduation she intends to earn a graduate degree in international affairs and pursue a career in advocacy and human rights.

Shanaya Jaitly

Shanaya is a second-year student majoring in environment and society and interdisciplinary social sciences, with a specialization in public policy. In addition to being a Social Science Scholar, she is also a Presidential Scholar and an Honors Legal Scholar. Shanaya’s academic interests include environmental policy, the intersectionality of contemporary social problems and anthropogenic climate change. One of her career goals is to serve in all three branches of the federal government and she dreams of becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

Kristin Jordan

Kristin is a third-year student majoring in international affairs with a concentration in public administration and minors in both economics and education. Her interests in economic development and early childhood education led Kristin to intern in the Executive Office of the Governor of Florida and to work for the Florida Chamber Foundation on the Prosperity Project Initiative. She aspires to pursue a career in educational policy and hopes to one day become a policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Education. As a Social Science Scholar, Kristin aims to delve further into her research about early childhood learning and make a difference in the world of education.

Jad Kabbani

Jad is a third-year student studying economics and international affairs. Originally from Syria, he spent most of his life living in the Middle East and moved to the United States three years ago to attend FSU. He has participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and the Global Public Affairs Living Learning Community. Additionally, he served on the executive boards of the Arab Student Union, the FSU Diversity and Inclusion Institute and the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity. He is interested in a career in public policy analysis, economic research, and international development. Jad aspires to become a policy analyst in a think tank in Washington or Boston.

Dani O’Neill

Dani is a third-year student majoring in interdisciplinary social sciences, with a focus on sociology and anthropology, and minoring in environment and society. She’s interested in mental health awareness, education reform and the effects COVID-19 has had on young people. After gaining hands-on experience with teachers in Marion County, Dani believes in the importance of working directly with students and teachers in their communities. She plans to intern with a non-profit advocating for mental health awareness while researching the pandemic’s major effects. After graduation Dani plans to pursue a master’s degree in sociology.

Gerardo Perera

Gerardo is a third-year student majoring in political science and minoring in economics, psychology and business. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he has witnessed the impacts of poverty and injustice. He wrote an award-winning book on the political state of Venezuela titled ‘Estudiantes Venezolanos: Heroes de la Historia’ and donated the profits to families struggling in his home country. He has spoken at colleges and conferences around Central and South America about corruption in Venezuela. He was elected Member At Large for his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, leading a team of 310 and managing the annual budget. After graduation he plans to attend law school.

Michelle Perez

Michelle is a third-year student majoring in international affairs and economics. She serves on the executive board for the Cuban American Student Association. She is also involved with FSU’s Arab Student Union, the college’s Student Leadership Council, InternFSU, PeaceJam and serves as a learning assistant for the Department of Mathematics. Michelle previously served as a legislative intern for the Florida State Senate Office of Jose Javier Rodriguez at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. There she worked closely with Florida’s unemployment system, aiding in community outreach. After graduation, Michelle plans to go to law school and specialize in public interest law.

Camila Salvador

Camila is a third-year student majoring in international affairs with a concentration in public administration. She serves as a refugee resettlement intern for the International Rescue Committee. To raise resources for the large influx of refugees in Tallahassee, Camila partnered with her fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, to organize donation drives across campus. She was also a legislative intern for Florida House Representative Dan Daley of the 97th district. Camila is eager to develop her leadership skills in fields focused on community-based activism and human rights initiatives. Following graduation, she intends to pursue a graduate degree in Global Human Development and a J.D. in Humanitarian Law.

Jeffery Sims

Jeffrey is a second-year student majoring in interdisciplinary social sciences and economics and minoring in business. He transferred to FSU in Fall 2021 and immediately became deeply involved in the university’s community. Jeffrey has served on numerous executive boards in various organizations, including the NAACP, National Honor Society and Economics Club. Additionally, he founded The Long Reach Association for Gender Equality. This summer he will intern as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual. In the future he plans to attend law school and work to lessen the wealth/access gap by focusing on financial literacy efforts.

De’Quan Smith

De’Quan is a third-year student majoring in political science and economics. A member of the Political Science Department’s Research Intensive Bachelor’s Certificate (RIBC) Program, he is passionate about data collection processes. He began his collegiate career as a member of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and volunteers with various other non-profits. De’Quan also co-founded the non-profit Building Generational Wealth and Success. Currently, he interns with the Home Shopping Network and plans to intern with JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a specialized industries summer analyst. After graduation, De’Quan plans to either continue working in the private sector or attend law school.

Isabella Suarez

Isabella is a third-year student majoring in political science and public health and minoring in Spanish. She is currently serving as the Seat 5 College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Senator, as a board member for Forward FSU, as advocacy liaison for the Student Council for Accessibility and scholarship chairwoman for Phi Mu Fraternity. Following graduation, Isabella plans to attend FSU’s law school. Subsequently, she plans to earn a Ph.D. in public health. Isabella aspires to work on healthcare legislation and in hospital administration.

Maya Topiwala

Maya is a second-year student majoring in international affairs with a concentration in sociology and a minor in technology and society. She is a Service Scholar and a Garnet and Gold Scholar. Maya participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and was a Student Leadership Seminar facilitator. She is currently the digital intern at Swing Left and is involved in numerous campus organizations, including the Asian American Student Union, the Japanese Language and Culture Association and HerCampus. Following graduation, she intends to work in the communications field.

Rose Walters

Rose is a second-year student majoring in international affairs with a concentration in economics and a minor in social entrepreneurship. She is a Presidential Scholar and is passionate about human rights and economic development. During the last legislative session, Rose served as a legislative intern for Florida Representative Willhite, District 86, while researching how direct democracy influences state social policy through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. She aspires to be a social entrepreneur starting initiatives for women’s rights, youth empowerment, ocean conservation and the reintegration of human trafficking survivors and refugees.