College of Social Sciences

Social Science Scholars Program

The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy produces great leaders!

The Social Science Scholars program builds upon the college’s history of graduating men and women who have had distinguished careers in both the private and public sectors. Foremost among them is former Florida Governor Reuben Askew (Public Administration, 1951), who served as president of FSU’s Student Government Association (SGA) in 1950. Other distinguished Social Science graduates include: Lynda Keever (Political Science, 1969), former publisher of Florida Trend, and Thomas Culligan (Political Science, 1973, and Public Administration, 1977), the current CEO of Raytheon International, Inc.

More recent graduates of the college have also been recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and leadership. For example, Cara Castellana (Economics, 2006) was named a Truman Scholar. Garrett Johnson (Political Science and English, 2006) and Joe O’Shea (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Philosophy, 2009) each were awarded Rhodes Scholarships for graduate study at Oxford University. Caitlin Strawder (Political Science, 2013), a member of the first cohort of Social Science Scholars, received a Fulbright Assistantship to teach English in Colombia. Also, a majority of Student Government officers in recent years have been social science majors, including Rosalia Contreras (International Affairs and Women’s Studies, 2014), the current student body president.

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Training Scholars, Building Leaders

The program was created to recognize outstanding social science majors and provide them with leadership development opportunities and support. Social Science Scholars are chosen through a highly competitive process. Those selected participate in a unique, three-unit leadership seminar during the spring semester of their junior year. The seminar prepares students for projects of their choosing, which are undertaken during the following summer and/or fall semesters. Each Social Science Scholar receives up to $5,000 for approved travel and other expenses related to domestic or international internships, service projects or research. During their senior year, Scholars present reports on their leadership projects, attend seminars and symposia, and work with mentors to prepare for graduate school or other postgraduate opportunities.

Social Science Scholars are not prevented – indeed they are encouraged – to compete for awards and fellowships, either at FSU or elsewhere.

Students applying to become Social Science Scholar must have completed all liberal studies requirements and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher. They also must submit an unofficial university transcript and complete the on-line application form located here, which also provides information about deadlines and interview dates.

For more information contact
John Mayo, 644-4321 or Tom Taylor, 933-9444