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Department of Sociology

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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WELCOME to the Department of Sociology at Florida State University! Our faculty and students are engaged in fascinating studies of the social inequalities that define our times, as seen in relationships, health outcomes, educational and professional careers, and interactions. We are also committed to sharing sociology with non-academic audiences, because our discipline provides unique insights that can improve policy responses and inform collective action. We invite you to read more about our department's history, current research, opportunities for enriched studies, accomplished alumni, and rigorous graduate programs. -John Reynolds, Chair

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Upcoming Events

Date Event Start End Location
Mon-Tues, Aug 21-22, 2017 New faculty orientation 8:30am 4pm Turnbull
Fri, Aug 25, 2017 New graduate student orientation 10am 12:15pm BEL 519
Mon, Aug 28, 2017 FSU fall semester begins --- --- ---
Mon, Sept 4, 2017 Labor Day holiday (no classes) --- --- ---
Fri, Sept 8, 2017 Sociology preliminary exams 8:15am 4:45pm FSU Testing Center
Wed, Sept 20, 2017 Faculy Senate 3:35pm 5pm Dodd Hall Auditorium
Fri, Sept 22, 2017 Sociology faculty meeting 10am 11:15am BEL 519