Ruth K. & Shepard Broad International Lecture Series

This series is endowed by the Shepard Broad Foundation in honor of Shepard Broad’s legacy and commitment to higher education.

An integral part of the College of Social Science’s international education program, the Broad Lectures feature internationally renowned speakers on topics relating to public policies and international relations.

Many prominent academics, international experts, and political figures take part, speaking on topics ranging from American foreign policy, human rights, the Middle East peace process, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Speakers also participate in discussions with smaller groups of students and faculty members, creating dialogues on the complexities of our constantly changing world.

As a member of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Shepard Broad embraced the belief that good fortune is a debt that must be repaid to the younger generations. “It is not only all the good that has come to me personally, but also the peripheral effect on all those, in one way or other, whose lives touched mine, or mine touched theirs.” Taking this responsibility seriously, the lecture series continues to enhance the education of students as they prepare to take on the responsibility of public service in an increasingly interconnected world.