Undergraduate Minors & Certificates

Students are encouraged to supplement their undergraduate education with a minor in the social sciences. Earning a minor in the social sciences can open doors to new and exciting career options.

Minor Department
African-American Studies Interdisciplinary
Asian Studies International Studies
Economics Department of Economics
Environmental Studies Department of Geography
Geography Department of Geography
International Studies International Studies
Law and Society Interdisciplinary
Political Science Department of Political Science
Population Studies Demography
Public Administration School of Public Administration and Policy
Russian and East European Studies International Studies
Sociology Department of Sociology
Urban and Regional Planning Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Specialized Studies

Students may choose to take certain coursework intended to provide a greater degree of specialization in a chosen area. Specialized studies may be related to the student's major, but that is not required.

Markets and Institutions
Political Economy
Social Entrepreneurship


To learn more about certificates, talk with an advisor or program coordinator.

Emergency Management
Global Pathways
Political Science Research Intensive
Public Administration