Undergraduate Minors & Certificates

Students are encouraged to supplement their undergraduate education with a minor in the social sciences. Earning a minor in the social sciences can open doors to new and exciting career options.

Minor Department
African-American Studies Interdisciplinary
Asian Studies International Studies
Economics Department of Economics
Environmental Studies Department of Geography
Geography Department of Geography
International Studies International Studies
Law and Society Interdisciplinary
Political Science Department of Political Science
Population Studies Demography
Public Administration School of Public Administration and Policy
Russian and East European Studies International Studies
Sociology Department of Sociology
Urban and Regional Planning Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Specialized Studies & Certificates

Students may choose to take certain coursework intended to provide a greater degree of specialization in a chosen area. Specialized studies may be related to the student's major, but that is not required.

To learn more about certificates, talk with an advisor or program coordinator.

Emergency Management
Global Pathways
Markets and Institutions
Political Economy
Political Science Research Intensive
Public Administration

African American Studies

Director: Dr. Patrick Mason (644-9146) pmason@fsu.edu

The African American Studies program is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary study of the history, culture, and socio-economic well being of African-Americans. Knowledge and research methods drawn from several disciplines enable students to enhance their understanding of African-Americans’ unique social circumstances and heritage, and acquire a deeper comprehension of the history and culture of the nation as a whole.


Director: Dr. Ike Eberstien (644-7108) eberstein@fsu.edu

This certificate is designed to afford undergraduate students, especially those majoring in the social sciences, the opportunity to enroll in a sequence of courses which will provide an overview of methods, materials and issues in demographics. The certificate will complement many undergraduate majors in the College of Social Sciences, especially sociology, economics, geography, and interdisciplinary social sciences.

Emergency Management

Director: Dr. Audrey Heffron Casserleigh (850.644.9961) aheffron@fsu.edu

The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Academic Program offers undergraduate and graduate Certificates in Emergency Management. Courses in emergency management are foundational courses for careers in emergency management and are useful for students entering careers in the management of business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Global Pathways

Director: Dr. Candence Kidwell (644-4430) globalpathways@fsu.edu

The Florida State University Global Pathways Certificate, designed by The Florida State University Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, maximizes the rich cultural learning experiences available to you on campus, in the community and abroad. You can choose a certificate theme based on your interest and goals, take related academic courses and a language, and participate in international and/or intercultural experiences and events to enhance your theme. Such active learning and reflection, together with intercultural interaction, dialogue and service help provide the invaluable intercultural skills and competencies needed to be a global-ready graduate.

Markets and Institutions

Director: Dr. Joe Calhoun (644-3014) jcalhoun@fsu.edu

The certificate program is designed for students from across the University, not just those in economics, who seek a greater understanding of the importance of institutional arrangements, rules, and customs in determining a nation’s wealth, the distribution of that wealth, and its rate of growth. In particular, the certificate program focuses on the role of decentralized decision processes and markets in directing human economic activity.

Political Economy

Contact: DeVoe L. Moore Center (644-3848)

The Certificate in Political Economy is a course of study for undergraduate students that is designed to increase students' understanding of the role of government in a market economy from a public choice perspective. Upper division students from any major may enter the program.

Political Science Research Intensive

Director: Mr. Jerry Fisher (644-7305) jfisher@fsu.edu

The Research Intensive Program in Political Science is a small-group educational experience for students who wish to gain high-caliber research skills and practical experience working in an academic research environment. The program is especially helpful to students planning to complete honors in the major and for those planning to pursue a graduate degree in political science, law, or international affairs.

Public Administration

Director: Velda Williams (644-3525) vwilliams3@fsu.edu

Public administration adds a new dimension to career competencies, enhancing the student's career mobility, flexibility, and opportunities. Topics in regularly scheduled undergraduate classes include: Administrative law, budgets and finances in managing public affairs, civic and non-profit management, local government administration, emergency management, and public administration in American society.

Urban and Regional Planning

Director: Cynthia Brown (644-4510) cbrown@fsu.edu

This program is designed to complement an existing major for those students who wish to develop an appreciation of planning or who wish to lay the foundation for graduate study in planning.