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President's Club


In 1977 the Florida State University Foundation established the Presidents Club to recognize an exceptional group of donors who earned a place of distinction and honor through their outstanding response to the university’s need for private support. The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy gratefully honors the following donors whose generosity ensures the continued growth and excellence of our academic programs.

Please note that this listing of Presidents Club members is based solely upon cumulative lifetime giving to the college and does not reflect gifts to other academic units of the university.

$1 million and above

Anonymous #165
Anonymous #166
BB&T Charitable Foundation
Rod and Hope Brim (both deceased)
Fort Knox Center
Arnold L. Greenfield (deceased)
Roxann and Karl V. Hart
Reid B. Hughes, Sr. and Mary E. Vencill
The Kaul Foundation
Terri Jo Kennedy
Knight Foundation
Charles Koch Foundation
Shirley and DeVoe Moore
Bernard Osher Foundation
Claude Pepper Foundation, Inc.
Hallie and John H. Quinn (both deceased)
Persis and Charles Rockwood
Frances L. and Gus A. Stavros


Shepard Broad Foundation
Donors Capital Fund, Inc.
Donors Trust, Inc.
National Geographic Society Education Foundation


Laird B. Anderson (deceased) and Florence H. Ashby
Evelyn Baugh (deceased)
Beverly Enterprises, Inc.
Lettie J. Bien and David E. Schmitt
JoAnn and Carl W. Blackwell
CerTell, Inc.
LeRoy Collins Institute
Marie E. Cowart and James B. Cowart (deceased)
M. Eileen and Thomas M. Culligan
Sherrill and Grace Dansby
Diehl Family Foundation
Alfred I. DuPont Foundation
Jessie Ball DuPont Fund
Mark S. Ellis
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Helen D. Flipse (deceased)
Bonnie R. and Gordon D. Gaster
Good Ventures
Jack Gramling (deceased)
Mattox S. Hair, Esq.
Charles Haworth/Haworth Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Mary and Manuel Johnson Jr.
Dorothy C. and Melvin C. Magidson Sr. (deceased)
Patricia Yancy Martin
Reva D. Metzinger Charitable Foundation
The Miami Foundation
Gregory W. Milford
Charles B. Nam
Elizabeth J. Piccard (deceased)
Edna Runnels Ranck
Joanne and David W. Rasmussen
Searle Freedom Trust
Earl B. and Sophia H. Shaw Charitable Trust
Sheila R. Sheffield (deceased)
John B. Sisson
Marianne H. and Roger T. Staubach
Marcia and Robert Thornberry
Margery Tully (deceased)
Marjorie R. Turnbull


Anthony R. Abraham Foundation
Leonard P. Adams and Carolyn Y. Sauer-Adams
June M. and Donald O. Alford (both deceased)
Grace R. Albritton
Derrick L. Alexander
Allied Corporation
Kelly L. and Jason Altmire
American Planning Association
American Planning Association-FL Chapter
Andreas Foundation
Anonymous #225
Anonymous #252
P. Edward Anthony
Apgar Foundation, Inc.
Donna Lou and Gov. Reubin O’D. Askew (deceased)
Mary Dunn Baker
J. Douglas Baldridge
Alan E. Bayer
Angela and Nicholas J. Bergan
Margaret and Leon Black Jr.
Janie and Buddy Blankenship Jr.
Stewart L. Brown
Thomas A. Butler (deceased)
Donald T. Carrigan
Cato Institute
Clark Family Fund
Amy K. and Steven M. Clein
Marshall S. Cohn/Sol Cohn Foundation
Lois S. Cox
Barbara W. Crispo
Mary Elizabeth (Meg) and Rich Crofton
William M. DeGrove
Jack & Betty Demetree Family Foundation
Shelly and William Desvousges
Richard E. Doran
Roz and Daniel Doyle
H. Michael Dye
Joan and Thomas R. Dye
Eckerd Corporation Foundation
Eckerd Family Foundation
Gregory D. Ereckson
Joan K. and Richard J. Erickson (deceased)
Ernst & Young Foundation
ERS Group
Jennifer C. and James V. Etscorn
Figg Engineering Group
Alice and Mark Filteau
Kenneth G. Fish
Florida Power & Light
Michelle W. and John W. Forehand
FPL Group Foundation
The Fraser Institute
Fraternal Order of Eagles Memorial Foundation
The Freedom Forum
Miranda J. and Eric M. Gaier
Gannett Foundation, Inc.
General Mills
Joyce E. and Henry R. Glick
Rosa Kay and S. Dale Greene
GTE of Florida
Gulf Power Foundation
Katharine T. and Timothy S. Gunning
Amy and James D. Gwartney
Allan J. Hall
Ruth and Ronald Hedge
Mary B. and John L. Holcomb
Allison M. and William H. Holly
The Hurlburt Foundation, Inc.
Deborah L. and Nicholas V. Iarossi III
Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
Susan and R. Mark Isaac
ITT Industries, Inc.
R. Dan Jacobson
Johnson Controls Foundation
Ashley F. and Robert D. Johnson
William R. Jones
Ewing Kaufman Foundation
Lynda Keever and William Eshenbaugh
Diana K. and Maury R. Kolchakian
Mallen E. and Anthony M. Komlyn
Kathryn and Stephen A. Korbecki
Christi R. Lawson
J.P. Lawson
Jay W. Leek
Reva and Harry Lerner
Jung Jae Lyou
Sabrina and Martin Mayhew
Elizabeth Lee Metcalf
Victoria L. and Gregory L. Miller
Monsanto Fund
Kathleen A. and Edwin H. Moore
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
National Foundation for Youth, Inc.
Kate C. Nichols
Salvatore Nuzzo, Jr.
Dorothy and Harold Olson
Orlando Metro Section APA
Larry J. Overton
Jong Taek Park
Tamara W. and Steven W. Pigott
Janice K. Platt
Progress Energy
Jill & David Quadagno
Jean and Frederick Raffa
Joanne and David W. Rasmussen
Raytheon International, Inc.
Eric J. Reading
Reason Foundation
Renaissance Planning Group, Inc.
Franklin D. Resnick
William J. and Tina Rosenberg Foundation
James M. Rudnick
Bonnie and Davage Runnels Jr.
Hildy M. Sastre
Saunders Foundation
Deborah A. Sawyer
Pirjo H. and Allen R. Seaman
Elizabeth G. Serow
Kevin Sharp and Daryl Sharp
Lynn M. and R. Kent Shoemaker Jr.
Greta Sliger and Bernie Sliger (deceased)
Julia B. Smith
Mark D. Sobel
Southeast Bank, N.A.
Southern Company Charitable Foundation
Spearman Foundation
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg Times
State Farm Companies Foundation
Linda D. and Murray M. Stokely III
Carman and Robert W. Stork
Joanne and Charles Straub
Carl Swisher Foundation
Tallahassee Democrat
Mary Ann Thomas
Anne W. Thompson
Janet R. Thornton
Lois P. and TedSan S. Timberlake
Miles F. Taber
United States Sugar Corporation
Mary and James Vance
Cindy K. and James H. Weatherly
Alane C. and Karl-Martin Wiklund
Annette A. and Ronald L. Wilson
Jeannette P. and Douglas M. Windham
Morton D. Winsberg
Andrea C. and Allen R. Zeman

Deferred and testamentary gifts

Grace R. Albritton
James R. Anderson
Florence H. Ashby
Anonymous #24
Anonymous #132
Anonymous #142
Marianne V. and Mark P. Barnebey
Anne and Carroll Bewley
Margaret and Leon Black, Jr.
Frances and Charles Conaway
Jeralynn S. Cossman
Ronald E. Cossman
Marie E. Cowart
Patricia and Christopher de Treville
Carolyn and H. Michael Dye
Laurie E. Ekstrand
Mark S. Ellis
Gabriel Hanway
Gordon D. Gaster
Priscilla M. Greenfield
Mattox S. Hair, Esq.
Roxann and Karl V. Hart
Patricia Bambakos Harvey
Virginia P. Heffner
Mary A. and Lawrence R. Hepburn
Reid B. Hughes, Sr. and Mary E. Vencill
Sue and R. Mark Isaac
Lynda Keever and William Eshenbaugh
Terri Jo Kennedy
Claire and Thomas Knox, Jr.
Diana and Maury Kolchakian
Clinton J. Mayo
Gregory W. Milford
Rose Mary Ogram
Dorothy and Harold Olson
Edna Runnels Ranck
Joanne and David W. Rasmussen
Deborah A. Sawyer
Elizabeth G. Serow
John B. Sisson
Frances L. and Gus A. Stavros
Marjorie R. Turnbull
Sharon and S. Randy Woods
Susan W. Yelton