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Recent Publications by Dr. Kevin Fahey

Are most American politicians profiting from their offices? Among this week's articles at, our very own Kevin Fahey presents a summary of his recent findings on the matter. Also, you can find full details of his findings in a recently published contribution to Legislative Studies Quarterly [link: Fahey, K. (2017), The Perks of Being a Lawmaker: Returns to Office as a Legislative Goal. Legislative Studies Quarterly]. 

Another Great Year for the MAAP Program!

The MAAPP program is a terminal Masters of Science degree designed for
those who seek active careers in a number of political fields:
Campaigns, Fundraising, Political Communications, Lobbying, Legislative
Affairs, etc. Unlike the traditional graduate program in Political
Science, which is designed for individuals with career paths in academia
and research, MAAPP offers practical experience and a diverse set of
skills for those interested in careers as political operatives.

Feel free to post about the program and how much it has benefitted you at The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy Facebook page!
A recent post by a former student thankful for the program can be found here.

New Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunity

The Pumphrey Law Firm is now running a scholarship. Any high school or college student with an acceptance letter is eligible to enter, they do not have to be pursuing a law career path. To learn more about the scholarship click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Schneer!

Dr. Ben Schneer's dissertation won the Richard J. Herrnstein Prize, which is awarded by the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for “a dissertation that exhibits excellent scholarship, originality and breadth of thought, and a commitment to intellectual independence." That came with a $5000 prize.

Dr. Schneer was accepted to participate in the Summer Institute on Organizations and Their Effectiveness at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University. This is a 2-week program with all expenses covered.

Dr. Schneer is also presenting at the Congress & History Conference, which is a reasonably competitive conference to get into and this year is being hosted at the Library of Congress.

Undergraduate, Joan Joseph, Invited to Attend the 2017 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute

Joan Joseph, an undergraduate majoring in political science and statistics, has been invited to attend the 2017 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute. The institute is hosted by Duke University and sponsored by the American Political Science Association and NSF and is a highly competitive program that serves as a feeder for diverse students to enter graduate school. This is a great accomplishment for Joan, who is also a Social Science Scholar for 2017-2018. You can read more about theInstitute here

Dr. Inken von Borzyscowski: Panelist at the US Institute of Peace

Dr. Borzyscowski is a panelist at an event a the US Institute of Peace on March 23 of this year. You can read more about the event here.

Dr. Carol Weissert Talks About Appointments to the CRC

Collins Institute Director, Dr. Carol Weissert, addresses the quality of appointments that is key for the next Constitution Revision Commission.

Read the full article here.

Congratulations to Dr. Inken von Borzyskowski!

Dr. Borzyskowski was awarded the ISA-USIP Peace Dissertation Prize during the ISA (International Studies Association) Conference in March 2016. ISA’s Peace Dissertation Prize is co-sponsored by the USIP (United States Institute of Peace) and is an annual prize given for the best peace studies dissertation written in a calendar year. The award honors an outstanding dissertation on the analysis of violent conflict, conflict resolution, peacemaking, or peacebuilding completed in a United States graduate program. USIP wrote an article about her research on election violence which you can read here. 

One of Dr. Borzyskowski’s papers also received the Best Paper Prize of the Comparative Political Institutions standing group at the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research). The Best Paper Prize will be formally awarded during the next ECPR conference in September 2016.