College of Social Sciences

Learn statistical tools and how to communicate economic concepts

  • Hands-on experience using SAS, STATA, REMI, and other statistical software
  • Capstone Project analyzing "real world" policy issues

Intended for students seeking a terminal M.S. degree in Economics

  • Useful in both private and public sector
  • Core courses seperate from Ph.D. courses

Low student to faculty ratio

  • Entering class size for the program is only 20-25 students


Featured Alumni

“It’s one thing to know economics, but another to be able to communicate
  it effectively, especially to those who aren’t experts in the field.
  With a career that’s heavily weighted in writing and public speaking,
 I have found this experience invaluable.”

Alejandra Grindal

Class of 2003

Senior International Economist
Ned Davis Research Inc.

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