College of Social Sciences

Learn statistical tools and how to communicate economic concepts

  • Hands-on experience using SAS, STATA, REMI, and other statistical software
  • Capstone Project analyzing "real world" policy issues

Intended for students seeking a terminal M.S. degree in Economics

  • Useful in both private and public sector
  • Core courses seperate from Ph.D. courses

Low student to faculty ratio

  • Entering class size for the program is only 20-25 students


Featured Alumni

“Without a doubt, going through the
 program has been one of the main
 reasons for my career success.”

Josh Mikels

Class of 2003

Vice President
Unit Manager
Private Equity Leader
Lockton Companies (Southeast Series)


Featured Alumni

“The program places an emphasis on the
 application of analytical skills through a
 culminating project and presentation. This was an
 ideal practice for the presentations I've given.”

Danielle Hale

Class of 2005

Director of Housing Statistics
National Association of Realtors



Featured Alumni

“I was eager to solve real problems.
 The one-year degree with immediate application
 allowed for me to accomplish that goal
 more quickly than a traditional graduate degree.”

Quenton Wright

Class of 2007

Associate Principal
Charles River Associates



Featured Alumni

“Using the Leadership and Professional
 Development course, I was able to hire,
  train, and lead local staff to fill positions
  vital to the success of the pilot program.”

Jordan Raupp

Class of 2011

Mobile Banking Consultant
Chemonics International