College of Social Sciences

Undergraduate Major in Social Sciences with an Environmental Studies

This concentration is designed to provide an introductory view of man as related to his environment and the problems arising therefrom. Although it does not constitute a major or a full-scale program in environmental science, it will nevertheless serve as a useful background for agency employment, teaching in the social sciences and employment related to the social sciences generally. It will fulfill requirements for the second concentration within the major. Biology BSC 1005 is required.

To fulfill the concentration, 6 listed courses, selected from a minimum of 4 of the following 6 categories, must be taken for a minimum of 18 hours. In some cases, by consent of the instructor, prerequisites for the following courses can be waived for students in this concentration (this does not apply for BSC 2011).

  1. BSC 1005 General Biology for Non-Majors (required)
    BSC 2011 Biological Science II (Prerequisites: BSC 2010, CHM 1045)

  2. ANT 2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    ANT 3212 Peoples of the World

  3. ECP 3113 Economics of Population (Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and 2023)
    ECP 3302 Economics of Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (Prerequisites: ECO 2000 or equivalent)
    ECP 4312 Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and 2023)

  4. GEO 1330 Environmental Science
    GEA 2210 United States and Canada
    GEO 2200C Physical Geography
    GEO 4372 Natural Resource Assessment & Analysis

  5. URP 3000 Introduction to Planning and Urban Development
    URP 4022 Collective Decision Making (Prerequisites: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
    URP 4314 Introduction to Growth Management and Comprehensive Planning (Prerequisites: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
    URP 4318 Growth Management and Environmental Planning (Prerequisite: URP 3000)
    URP 4402 Sustainable Development Planning in the Americas (Prerequisites: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
    URP 4423 Introduction to Environmental Planning and Resource Management (Prerequisites: URP 3000 or instructor permission)

  6. SYD 3020 Population and Society
    SYD 4510 Environmental Sociology