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Mark W. Horner

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: Bellamy 306
Phone: 850/644-8377
Email: mhorner@fsu.edu
Webpages: http://mailer.fsu.edu/~mhorner/


Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2002


  • Geographic information science, spatial modeling, sustainability, transportation, urban geography

Current Research

  • Modeling urban travel and land use patterns; spatial analysis of commuting, jobs-housing, and energy issues
  • Understanding scale and representation impacts in geographic information science
  • Measuring accessibility to goods, health services, and opportunities
  • Network analysis in GIS; designing strategies of disaster relief provision
  • Space-time modeling and mobile object tracking

Selected Publications

  • Mark W. Horner, Tingting Zhao, and Timothy S. Chapin. 2011. Towards an Integrated GIScience and Energy Research Agenda. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 101(4), 764-774.

  • Paul J. Maliszewski and Mark W. Horner. 2010. A Spatial Modeling Framework for Siting Critical Supply Infrastructures. The Professional Geographer 62(3), 426-441.

  • Mark W. Horner. 2010. How Does Ignoring Worker Class Affect Measuring Jobs-Housing Balance? Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis. Transportation Research Record 2163, 57-64.

  • Mark W. Horner and Joni Downs. 2010. Optimizing hurricane disaster relief goods distribution: Model development and application with respect to planning strategies. Disasters: The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management 34(3), 821-844.

  • Joni A. Downs and Mark W. Horner. 2009. A Characteristic-Hull Based Method for Home Range Estimation. Transactions in GIS 13(5-6), 527-537.

Recent Achievements and Extramural Funding

  • Horner, M.W. “Rethinking Representation in Spatial Modeling: Theoretical Developments and a Computational Study of Hurricane Disaster Relief. ” National Science Foundation, co-sponsored by the Geography and Regional Science Program and Decision, Risk, and Management Sciences Program ($64,760). 2006- 2008.

  • Horner, M.W. "Developing Scholar Award." Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity ($10,000). 2009-2010.

  • Horner, M.W. "Collaborative Research: Developing a Statistical Time Geography for Analyzing Animal Movements and Interactions." National Science Foundation, co-sponsored by the Geography and Spatial Sciences Program and the Methodology, Measurement and Statistics program ($94,100). 2011-2013.

Curriculum Vitae


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