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Major in Geography

A major in Geography consists of 31 semester hours. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better to count towards the major, including the following required 5 core courses (16 credit hours):
GEO 1400 (3) Human Geography
GEO 2200c (3) Physical Geography (previously GEO 3200c)
GEO 4162c (3) Spatial Data Analysis (previously GEO 3140)
GIS 3015 (3) Map Analysis (previously GEO 3040)
GIS 4043 (4) Geographic Information Systems and lab

An additional course is required in one of the core areas of Human Geography (3 credit hours)

Human Geography electives (3 credit hours):
GEO 3502 (3) Economic Geography*
GEO 4421 (3) Cultural Geography
GEO 4471 (3) Political Geography*
GEO 4602 (3) Urban Geography

At least six credit hours of courses must be taken at the 4000 level (excluding GEO 4162c, GEO 4905, and GEO 4941). A maximum of three credit hours of GEO 4905 Directed Individual Study (DIS) will be credited toward the major. No credit for Geography courses with a grade below "C-" will be applied towards completion of the major. Note that GEA 1000 and GEO 1400 satisfy liberal studies multiculturalism requirements.

Minor in Geography

A Geography minor consists of 12 semester hours of course work in the department, including GEO 1400 and 9 additional hours, completed with a grade of "C-" or better. Courses that satisfy the minor requirements cannot be transferred from other institutions. If a Geography minor is combined with an Environmental Studies major, GEO2200C and one other course (up to 7 credits total) may count toward both the major and the minor.


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