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Prospective Graduate Student Information

Summary of Graduate Program

Prospective students with quantitative backgrounds and/or environmental interests are most encouraged to apply. The Geography Department has expertise in all aspects of geo-spatial analysis, particularly geographical information science, remote sensing, stochastic models, complexity, cartography, and optimization. Applications include hurricane climatology and hazards, biogeography, climate change, landscape ecology, urban sustainability, coastal studies, adaptive management of natural resources and social problems of poverty and residential segregation, and the impact of policies designed to alleviate them. Students are advised to consult the web pages of individual faculty for further details.

Faculty and student research on these topics are carried out in a number of locations. While some students' research projects have taken them around the world, many find that Florida itself is a fascinating laboratory for study, as this state presages many of the social and environmental problems emerging in an era of rapid urban and environmental change. Members of the FSU Department of Geography, students and faculty alike, feel a responsibility to help solve critical issues of the area in which they live, and there is no limit to the questions one can investigate, as the forces of rapid growth press on a particularly sensitive environment and as the state seeks to restructure its international linkages within an evolving global economy.

While in residence, funded students gain credentials and experience in teaching and research, assisting faculty in the classroom and on research projects. By the time they graduate, most doctoral students will have experience as instructors holding full responsibility teaching undergraduate courses and many will have presented results of their research at professional conferences or in academic journals. The Department strongly supports graduate student attendance at academic conferences and provides financial assistance for travel and lodging when funds allow. Further funds are sometimes available to augment stipends for students who publish academic papers in ISI journals.

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