College of Social Sciences

International Summer Workshop

Classical Liberalism in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics


Spend one week in Prague, Czech Republic, discussing and studying Classical Liberal ideas and their application in today's world. In partnership with the Cevro Institute, a Czech-based private university, the program brings together students from across the U.S. and Europe to study with leading American and Czech academics and faculty.





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The 2017 Workshop on "Classical Liberalism in Philosopy, Economics, and Politics" will be an intensive, week-long survey of philosophical, economic, and political ideas that have played key roles in the history and development of classical liberalism. The Workshop will consist of two, 2-hour sessions most days, comprising an hour of lecture and an hour of discussion. There is ample time for exploring the beauty, history, art, and energy of Prague.


Workshop faculty include: 


 - Prof. Richard Vedder, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Ohio University, and founder and President of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity.

 - Prof. Josef Šima, President of CEVRO Institut, Prague


 - Prof. Mark LeBar, Professor of Philosophy, Florida State University


This year's workshop will run from July 31, 2017, to August 4, 2017. The Participation Fee for the Workshop is $1000 USD, and includes:


 - Airfare (rates based on airfares from Columbus, OH, and Tallahassee, FL; surcharges may apply at other points of origin)

 - Lodging at a central Prague hotel (hostel-style arrangements, with up to 8 students per room)


 - Meal allowance (Lodging includes breakfast, and a number of meals will be provides as well)


            While topics may vary, the 2017 program will be roughly similar to that of the 2016 workshop:



Overnight flights from USA to Prague



1500 – 1730 Walking tour of Prague

1800 – 2000 Dinner cruise on the Vltava



1000 – 1200 Josef Sima: Government and the Economy

1400 – 1600 Richard Vedder: Five Classical Liberal Propositions that Changed the World

1630 – 1800 Welcome Mixer



1000 – 1200 Mark LeBar: Prospects for Limited Government

1400 – 1600 Radovan Durana: Europe in a Time of Debt and Migration Crisis



1000 – 1200 Richard Vedder: How the West got Rich

Afternoon: Prague Historic Walking Tour



1000 – 1200 Dan Stasty: Why are Economists Repugnant?

1400 – 1600 Mark LeBar: Immigration and Rights



1000 – 1200 Josef Sima: Do Markets Fail?

1400 – 1600 Panel Discussion

1630 – 1800 Graduation/Reception



Free day to explore Prague and Bohemia!



Return flights to USA


            Endorsements from the previous years:


 - “A great opportunity to seriously discuss ideas while widening one’s academic and cultural horizons.”

 - “I feel as if the program challenged my ideas and views as well as motivating me to want to gain more knowledge on these subjects. It definitely made me think critically often which is what I came for. ”

 - “Thanks for a great program! I really liked the discussion format--small groups and Q+A. It’s extremely useful how the program promotes free and civil discussion of significant issues. ”


 - “I love that this program exists. It is important for young adults and teens from everywhere to understand the world of politics, economics, money, logic, and the laws that govern them. THANK YOU!”


            Seminar cost: $1000 (includes airfare from/to Columbus, OH, or Tallahassee, FL; hotel; food allowance)


Applications (with deposits) due: March 15, 2017


Full balances for accepted students due: April 15, 2017


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