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New Study Sheds Light on Property Taxes in Florida
tax base
January 22, 2015
Article by: Matt Kelly
New Study Tests the Merits of Surge Pricing
January 15, 2015
Article by: Matt Kelly

 As Uber, Lyft and other “ridesharing” services continue to revolutionize the urban transportation landscape, ...

The Current State of Pensions in Florida
unfunded liabilities
January 13, 2015
Article by: Matt Kelly

With its swampy humidity and world famous theme parks, Florida’s cities seem a world away from the frigid cold and automotive factories of Detroit, Michigan. Yet the two have at least one commonality: underfunded pension liabilities....

Rubio's Opposition to Normalization with Cuba Not Without Merit
January 06, 2015
Article by: Matt Kelly

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been an outspoken critic of President Obama’s call to end the trade embargo on Cuba, characterizing the policy shift as...

Normalizing Relations with Cuba: A Step Forward
December 23, 2014
Article by: Matt Kelly

In a recent statement, President Obama suggested Congress lift the 54 year long trade embargo on Cuba and announced concrete steps he and the communist nation’s...

Entrepreneurship and Civil Rights: Then and Now
Social Enterprise
November 07, 2014
Article by: Matt Kelly

Florida State University recently hosted distinguished Florida A&M University professor David Jackson for a lecture...

Reevaluating Benefit Corporations
October 13, 2014

A previous blog discussed the potential for Florida’s recently passed Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) legislation to encourage social enterprise. Some consider the B Corp...

The Changing Landscape of Urban Transportation
October 10, 2014

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick recently released his vision for the future, touting “a million fewer cars on the road,” along with reduced congestion, emissions, and DUIs. If this vision is realized, in...

Government Protects Consumers From Bad Haircuts
October 02, 2014

Florida protects its hairy public from rogue barbers by requiring prospective barbers to pay fees and complete extensive education requirements and exams before granting permission to...

Taxi Regulation Reduces Driver Opportunity
September 30, 2014

For decades, state and local governments have imposed dramatic entry controls on the taxi industry across the United States. These regulatory hurdles benefit established companies at the expense of drivers. Many cities issue "medallions," a...