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Do UberX Drivers Really Earn Three Times More than Taxi Drivers?
September 16, 2014
Article by: Ben Douglas

In May, Uber revealed annual median incomes for UberX drivers in New York and San Francisco of $90,766 and $74,191, respectively. In contrast, 2013 median annual taxi driver incomes in New York and San Francisco are $29,910 and $28,060...

Florida Workers Would Suffer From Minimum Wage Increase
minimum wage
September 10, 2014
Article by: Matt Kelly


Uber Wars Transcend Party Lines
September 08, 2014
Article by: Ben Douglas


The Two Kinds of Capitalism
rent seeking
February 12, 2014
Article by: Ben Douglas


Solar Energy Users Left in the Dark by Utilities
February 06, 2014


Solar powered homes are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as US citizens move toward more environmentally sustainable ways of using energy. In 2013...

Why Do Workers Support Minimum Wage Laws?
February 03, 2014
Article by: Ben Douglas

One of the more peculiar political phenomena of our time is the widespread support of minimum wage laws among unskilled labor...

Selling Land to Buy Land
January 22, 2014

Florida has more than 3 million acres of state lands protected from development by the...