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The DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University is an interdisciplinary unit in the College of Social Sciences that is dedicated to increasing knowledge and public understanding about the role of government in a market economy.

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NEW POLICY REPORT ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS TOWER DEVELOPMENT IN TALLAHASSEE This report maps local telecommunications tower regulation as a way of evaluating the impact of regulatory procedures on business development in cities. A review of 29 telecommunications tower permit applications in Tallahassee determined that the average time spent in the permitting process between 1997 and 2011 was 274 days, ranging from a minimum of seven days to a maximum of 688 days. Click HERE to read the full policy report with the recommended amendments to the regulatory process!

NEW POLICY BRIEF ON OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING “Occupational licensing” requires aspiring workers and entrepreneurs to secure government permission to enter a particular field. Through a combination of educational and experience requirements, as well as exams and fees, occupational licensing attempts to protect consumers from malpractice and ensure that practitioners are sufficiently skilled. While only one in 20 U.S. workers was required to obtain licensure in the 1950s, nearly one in three workers is required to do so today, with the average occupation requiring nine months of training, $209 in fees, and an exam. Click HERE to read this policy brief!


Click here! Heritage is looking for rising juniors, seniors, and grad school students interested in experiencing DC first hand this spring. Our program will run from September 12th to December 9th with opportunities in research (Asian Studies, Latin America, cybersecurity, national security, international economics, energy, regulatory policy, law, welfare reform, and more) and policy promotion (marketing, outreach, communications, business, development, etc.) You can find a full list online of our 60 open positions in policy, promotion, business and more. Interested applicants should apply by June 15th by filling out our online application. They also need to submit 2 letters of recommendation and an official school transcript by the deadline. International students must also submit work authorization.

Click here! The DeVoe L. Moore Center is sponsoring its third annual undergraduate research competition and asking for proposals to research issues relating to entrepreneurship, regulation and economic growth. Projects can be national or local in scope, focusing on domestic and/or international issues. Projects should have an original research component. Proposals from any discipline will be considered and can include quantitative or qualitative research, although projects must be grounded in conventional social science research methods. Research projects must be completed by 31 May 2016. The research competition is open to undergraduates from all disciplines with grades in good standing.


Alexander Gordon - “Beyond Standardized Assessments: An Econometric Approach to Rethinking and Regulation of the Charter School Market” – Alexander is an Economics major at Florida State University.

Rodrigo Guerrero - “When Anti-Corruption Agencies Promote Corruption and Inefficiency: A Case Study of Peru’s Government Procurement Process” – Rodrigo is majoring in Economics, Pure Mathematics, and Music at Florida State University.

NEW POLICY REPORT ON SHOPPING CENTER PERMITS IN TALLAHASSEE Slow economic development can be frustrating to both consumers and entrepreneurs. The DeVoe Moore Center's newest policy report, Shopping Center Permit Approvals and Delays: The Case of Tallahassee, analyzes this problem in Florida's capital. Click the picture below to read this policy report!
Read the press release on this policy report here! NEW POLICY BRIEFING SERIES "DMC PERSPECTIVE"

Read more about the DeVoe Moore Center's perspective on sport stadium subsidies by clicking the image below!
You can also view other issues of The DMC Perspective here!


The Diehl Family Social Enterprise Competition, funded by the Ohio-based Diehl Family Foundation, has been an exciting opportunity for the DeVoe Moore Center to review over 120 proposals of potential social enterprises from around the world. After awarding $5,000 business plan development grants among 11 finalists, the selection committee chose four projects to receive seed funding of up to $50,000 each:

  • Coalfield Development Corporation is launching Reclaim Appalachia in West Virginia to provide vocational training for low-income young adults and sell handmade products from dilapidated buildings
  • Kouzin Dlo is establishing a network of entrepreneurs to educate households on water treatment, test water, and sell chlorine in Haiti.
  • Clinic Nepal is developing Meghauli Marketplace, giving the local farmers and entrepreneurs the visibility they need among the large village.
  • Bright Kids Uganda is implementing a comprehensive ecosystem of social enterprises to create sustainable economic development in their community

Watch the entire pitch video and keep track of their stories at!

The DeVoe L. Moore Center is accepting research interest profiles for undergraduates. The DMC Matching Program brings together faculty or graduate students seeking help with research projects and undergraduate students seeking to gain knowledge and experience in research. The database of research profiles provides faculty and staff the ability to find and reach out to other researchers that match their skills and interests. Visit Bellamy 150 to fill out a profile and receive more information.