College of Social Sciences

Undergraduate Program


The Department of Sociology at FSU consists of approximately twenty-three faculty members whose interests range widely from Demography, Health and Aging, to the Family, Gender, Inequality and Social Change. We have strong undergraduate and graduate programs and the department is recognized as having prestige both nationally and in the South. We would be glad to talk with you about taking Sociology courses and becoming a major.

Our undergraduate program is built around five major areas: Social Organization; Personality and Society; Population and Human Ecology; Social Issues and Change; and the Family. Directed Individual Study work with particular faculty is available, and an Honors Program is open to qualified students.

The Sociology major consists of thirty semester hours. Required courses include Sociological Theory (SYA 4010), Methods of Social Research (SYA 4300), and Social Statistics (SYA 4400).  The remaining 21 credit hours are chosen from SYA, SYD, SYG, SYO and SYP courses. A minor in Sociology requires fifteen hours. Both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees are offered.

Please contact Dr. Annette Schwabe or the Undergraduate Advising Office with any questions or for further information. For an appointment with an undergraduate advisor, please contact Kim McClellan (850-644-8329) or stop by room 526A Bellamy.