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Welcome to the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. Founded in 1973, the college comprises six academic departments and 17 interdisciplinary programs, centers, and institutes committed to preparing students for meaningful careers, advanced professional training, and an active role in public life. We engage, inspire, and transform tomorrow’s leaders and brightest thinkers—dynamic people well prepared to offer innovative solutions to the pressing issues we face in today’s world.

At the college, students and faculty work together to advance and deepen our knowledge about social systems—how people interact, govern themselves, and shape their surroundings. The study of social sciences is the perfect avenue for anyone seeking to make a significant impact on our way of life, whether it’s through politics, public health, economics, urban planning, or the development of policy on such issues as emergency management, the environment, aging, and more. (Visit this page to see the wide range of exciting career choices for social science majors.) To that end, we offer quality educational and professional development opportunities on several levels.

  • Undergraduate: In addition to a high-level education in 11 majors, 13 minors, and 8 certificate tracks, our undergraduate program encourages students to “Get More Than a Degree” with innovative opportunities to enhance the standard course offerings and classroom learning.
  • Master’s Degree Programs: The college offers 20 master’s degrees, including joint-degree programs. Unlike most social science programs at major research universities, we emphasize terminal master’s degrees. Through our Applied and Professional Master’s Degree programs, smart and ambitious students who do not plan to enter the academic arena have the opportunity to gain real-world skills and experience for careers in business, government, and nonprofit organizations, often with only an additional year of study beyond the undergraduate level.
  • Doctoral Programs: Six programs are available for those seeking advanced degrees offering original research opportunities and experience in classroom teaching. Ph.D.s are not just for those interested in working at colleges and universities; many of our graduates work in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors as well.

Please take time to explore our site. For prospective students, there is a wealth of information about programs and opportunities available to you at the college. Current students also have a number of resources on line to help you make the most of your time here at FSU. And to our alumni and friends, we say “Welcome back!” and urge you to find out more about the ways you can connect to the college and support our efforts.

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